Spanish women work "free" from today

Thespanish womenmen do not charge for their professional work compared to their partners from this Thursday, November 7, so that companies"saved" a total of 55 days in salariesof workers until December 31, according to the latest Eurostat data for 2017 provided by UGT.

Spain, according to this study, is the second country where thewage gap(0.9%), while in the European Union as a whole the gap has fallen by 0.20 percent.

For UGT, the wage gap persists in Spain due to the resistance of companies to apply the basic rule of equal pay for work of equal value, since"It means consistent economic savings that increase profits".

Therefore, the union has claimed "more speed"in advancing equality policies and promoting a law on equal pay to" eliminate discrimination and the wage gap "on the grounds of sex in an" effective and effective "manner.

From November 7, UGT will relaunch the campaign that it develops every year since 2016, to denounce the wage gap between women and men, based on Eurostat data that analyzes hourly wages.

According to the latest Eurostat data available,Spainis thesecond country where the wage gap increased the most, 0.9%, behind Malta, where it increased by 1.2% (data from Ireland and Greece have not been provided). In contrast, in the EU as a whole, the gap has fallen by 0.20%.

Of the 27 countries analyzed, the wage gap has decreased by 16, compared to the previous year, and by 10 it has increased. Spain registered a salary gap of 15.1%, below the EU average that stood at 16%.

UGT has rated "insufficient"the latest legislative advances in the workplace to reduce the gender gap, since, in his opinion, several measures will be" implemented progressively "and is" negative to slow down ".

In this context, he stressed that wage discrimination is, of all the discrimination women suffer, that"more difficulties entails to be eradicated". "The reason is only explainable from the economic cost it has for companies to eradicate such wage discrimination, which they call the gap," said the union.

Also, UGT has ensured that only by legislating "adequately"It will be possible for women to realize their fundamental right to charge the same as men when they do equal or equal work." In addition to an injustice, it implies a social and economic cost that this country cannot afford, "he said. .

European women have been working for free since November 3

For their part, European women start working "free"since November 3 and only occupy 25 percent of positions on boards of directors of large companies, according to the latest study published by the European Institute for Gender Equality in the month of October.

The study reveals that European women earn 20 percent less per month than men, a figure that in the case of Spanish women stands at 17 percent.

Spainhas taken "his worst grade" in terms of equalityin the power section, which reflects that the managerial and supervisory positions are held by men.

Although the presence of women in political power is one of the highest, only 21 percent occupy positions within the boards of directors of large companies in Spain, while the European average is 25 per cent. one hundred and only France reaches the figure of 40 percent.

Regardingunpaid household chores, the study shows that they continue to fall mainly on women, since 40 percent invest at least one hour a day in care activities, compared to 28 percent of Spanish men.

These data translate into a lower presence of women in the labor market. Specifically, about 24% of women work part-time, compared to 7% of men. On average, women work 35 hours per week and men work 40. In addition, women contribute up to five years less than men, 32.8% versus 37.2%.

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