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Sparks of Hope” story trailer unveiled « doope!

by archyde

The other day, the sequel to “Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope”, which introduced a full-fledged gameplay where you can check various new elements, will be launched overseas on October 20, 2022 (Japanese version). 2012) is fast approaching, today Ubisoft released a story trailer that focuses on the sequel’s story and new threats.

Check out the latest video below, where you can see familiar heroes and various locations on a new adventure to save the galaxy, “Sparks” born from the fusion of Chico and Rabbids, and the gallant appearance of Bowser and Edge, who are newly participating in the war. please give me.

Mario and Rabbids battle strategically in space

A “simulation adventure” where “Mario” and the slightly strange “Rabbits” fight enemies in turn-based battles while adventuring in space.

save the cosmic crisis

Due to the sudden appearance of bad enemies, the universe is in a big pinch. Their aim is “Sparks” born from the fusion of the Star Child “Chico” and “Rabbits”. Mario and the Rabbids embark on adventures around various planets to rescue Sparks and restore peace to the universe.

dynamic strategic battles

The battle that is the core of this work is a turn-based strategy simulation. Create a team of 3 people and fight the enemy team while moving freely on the stage without squares. The key to victory is the structure of the stage, the position of the enemy, and the character’s characteristics.

planet exploration

There are many devices in the field where you can move freely. Find hidden coins and items, solve puzzles to open up paths, and explore every nook and cranny of the vast planet to discover all kinds of things. At every destination you visit, you are waiting for encounters with unique residents.

9 unique heroes

“Kuppa” who always stands in the way of Mario’s enemy, “Rabbids Rosetta” who seems a little languid, and a new character named “Edge” appear as companions. What kind of space journey awaits Mario and Rabbids, who have a total of nine bodies?

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