Spartak fans will boycott matches in all tournaments because of Fan ID – until the law is completely repealed – Football

An association fans Spartak Phratria announced a boycott of red and white matches due to the adoption of the law on the introduction of Fan ID.

The statement was published on behalf of all associations of fans and ultras-structures of Spartak.

“We are united in our position – we refuse to accept the rules imposed on us, passports, identifiers and the Fan ID law.

Announce our decision to boycott matches RPL, the Russian Football Cup, European home games and refuse to attend other competitions where a forced fan identification system will be applied.

Our boycott starts from now and will last until the complete repeal of the adopted law. The boycott applies to all fan associations, organizations and groups that identify themselves with “Spartacus”: Moscow, Russia, CIS countries and the whole world!

Not a single law, not a single document and not a single official can deprive a fan of his sacred right: to be close to his club, to be part of its history, to consider the stadium and sector as his home, to openly express his emotions and opinions!

In our blood, our ideology was, is and will forever remain the main principle – the support of our team! At any time, despite the results, restrictions, pressure from law enforcement agencies and other circumstances, we remained close to Spartak. However, the current situation and repressive innovations do not leave us the opportunity to make a decision other than this – difficult, but balanced and the only right one in the current situation.

Leaving the stands, we will not stop supporting Spartak in the ways that are available to us, we reserve the right to attend matches with the participation of teams representing our great name in those sports and leagues where the punishing digital baton of the “law” has not yet reached and “order”.

The emotions of the sector, the crowded roaring stadium and tens of thousands of hearts beating in unison have always been the most important part of life for us! We consciously give up what was so dear to us, in the name of one single goal: to protect the rights of everyone who considers himself a fan!

So, our position is stated. Everyone who identifies with football must make their choice.

The system will not stop – having got rid of the fans, having cleared the active sectors from the “objectionable”, its mechanism will ruthlessly start in a new direction. A law aimed at providing a “comfortable and safe environment for football” will not only destroy the essence of fanaticism and its emotions, but will also cynically, without explanation and in violation of the presumption of innocence, deal with anyone who does not fit into the rules dictated by it – ordinary fans, visitors to the “family sectors” and VIP-lodges.

We declare that everyone who decides to ignore the declared position and stay at the stadium will no longer be able to look into the eyes of thousands of comrades-in-arms with honor and dignity! Anyone, regardless of his status and regalia, having crossed the line of the stadium at the time of our boycott, will momentarily cease to be part of the great Spartak movement and leave our ranks forever!

STADIUM IS NOT A PRISON! FOOTBALL FOR FANS!” – the statement of the “Phratry” says.

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