SPD Vice Kühnert calls Christian Lindner (FDP) Luftikus

KShortly before the general election, SPD Vice Kevin Kühnert questioned the reliability of FDP leader Christian Lindner and thus also questioned the chances of success of conceivable talks about a traffic light coalition. “Christian Lindner is a fanatic,” Kühnert, who is counted on the left wing of the SPD, told the Rheinische Post newspaper how much he was looking forward to Lindner as a possible partner in a traffic light alliance.

The former Juso boss criticized that the FDP chairman had already committed himself to the Union candidate Armin Laschet as chancellor in this election campaign, to the finance ministry for the FDP and to a clear rejection of a Chancellor of the Greens. “Lindner is a player who even wants to take tax relief from the super-rich, but at the same time does not have a serious financial concept. I wonder which party he would like to work with on this windy basis, ”said Kühnert.

If the SPD is ahead in the election on Sunday and it is not enough for red-green, it is most likely that Chancellor candidate Olaf Scholz wants to form a traffic light alliance with the Greens and the FDP. If the Union wins, it is likely that Laschet will seek a Jamaican alliance with the Greens and the FDP.

Head of Juso for RGR

The current Juso boss Jessica Rosenthal spoke out in favor of exploring a red-green-red cooperation, if the majority situation allowed it. Since it does not look like it will be enough for red-green, one has to sound out in all directions after the election, she told the newspaper Welt. “It is important to me that a red-green-red alliance is explored. There are overlaps, especially when it comes to questions about how to invest in education and how to solve the justice and climate crisis. “

Kühnert expects the SPD to question its members again before a new government is formed. The extensive membership participation around questions of coalition formation is a success and has set standards. “I assume that it will stay that way. We are a participatory party, ”he said.


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