Special 98 Arrangement Appears! iRocks K86R wireless dual-mode mechanical keyboard, easy double repair of documents and games

In addition to the full version of the mainstream keyboard configuration, players often contact the TKL (80%) with the deletion of the numeric keypad, and only 60% of the typing area. However, when I don’t play games like the author, there are paperwork requirements. The new K86R wireless dual-mode mechanical keyboard launched by iRocks adopts the design of 98 layouts, which can meet the needs of players between games and documents.

Wired: USB
Wireless: 2.4GHz
Number of keys: 100 keys
Switch form: pluggable mechanical switch
Key stroke: 4.0 ±0.5mm
Anti-ghost key design: NKRO
Multimedia keys: 12 keys
Charging port: USB-C
Rechargeable lithium battery capacity: 3750 mAh
USB cable length: about 180 cm
Weight: about 1170 grams

98 with K86R out of the box

This new iRocks K86R is a special keyboard, which is relatively rare in the market in terms of specifications. In addition to using a special 98 configuration, it also has a wired and 2.4GHz wireless dual-mode configuration, and has a built-in 3750 The mAh lithium battery can provide about 40 hours of battery life, and can increase the continuous driving to about 180 hours when the light effect is turned off.

This time, the shaft part uses the Gateron shaft with 50 million clicks and is equipped with a hot-swap design to provide players with space for subsequent DIY. The front of the PBT two-color formed keycap is only in English, and the phonetic is printed on the side. The overall look is relatively simple. .

→ K86R package appearance at a glance, you can see that it adopts dual-mode design and is matched with Gateron tea shaft.

→ It is specially marked on the back of the package that the shaft body is designed with thermal difference in the whole area.

→The package contains the keyboard, the connecting cable and the key puller.

First of all, I saw this keyboard layout, using the 98 layout pioneered by Leopold. Compared with the previous 96 layout, which was also relatively small, the 98 layout still has more significant key partitions, while the iRocks K86R is based on the 98 layout. (F1–F12) 2 keys are added on the right side, so that there is no space between the function keys, and the number of keys has reached 100 keys, but in actual use, because the arrow keys are squeezed into the space of the typing area, plus the space between the function keys There are no spaces, so it takes time to get used to it in practice.

→ K86R Appearance List.

→ The 98 arrangement reduces 9 editing keys to 6 keys and puts them in the top row, while the arrow keys are moved down slightly, the right Shift size is shortened, and the menu key is directly removed.

→Comparison of full size and 98 key layouts.

The keycaps are designed with English and symbols on the front, and the symbols for phonetic and Fn combined functions are printed on the side, making the overall look more concise. Fn is used with function keys F6–F12 to provide multimedia functions, while Fn is used with arrow keys and numbers. The 4 editing keys above the keyboard area can provide keyboard lighting effect control. In addition to hard control, players can also set the lighting effect through dedicated software.

→ In the typing keyboard area, you can see that Zhuyin is printed on the side of the keys.

→ F6~F12 can provide multimedia functions through the combination of Fn, and PrtSc, Home and Backspace can provide ScrLk, End and Pause functions through the combination of Fn.

→The arrow keys and the 4 editing keys in the upper right corner can provide lighting effect control settings through Fn combination.

In the keycap material part, a two-color molded PBT keycap is used, and the keycap adopts a 3-color color matching, which is similar to the K73M Wangan gray color matching previously unpacked. The shaft part is the Gateron tea shaft this time, the key stroke is standard 4.0mm, you can feel a slight paragraph feeling on the hand, and the hot-plug socket is also Gateron, which supports Gateron, Cherry, Kailh and other common double-pin machinery Axle installation. The positioning version of the fixed shaft body is designed in white. Since the keycap itself is not light-transmitting, the lighting effect mainly relies on the reflection of the positioning version.

→The dual-purpose key puller in the package, one end can be used to pull out the key, and the other end can be used to pull out the shaft.

→ PBT two-color molded keycaps can be seen after unplugging.

→ After the Gateron tea shaft is removed, you can see the SMD Led light above the installation position, and the two-pin hot-swappable socket below. From the hole in the middle, you can see that there is silencer cotton below, which can reduce the touch of the button. bottom noise.

The keyboard is designed with 2 rear support feet of different heights, players can adjust it according to their own preferences, but because the preset angle is relatively oblique, so the three heights are used, and the author’s personal experience is not very different.

→A height support foot slope.

→The second-stage height supports the slope of the feet.

In the connection part, the K86R adopts a dual-mode design. There is a USB Type-C port behind the keyboard. The cable part is a Type-C to Type-A cable of about 180 cm, which provides wired connection for use and charging. The infinite part has a USB receiver. There is a receiver storage slot on the left side of the bottom of the keyboard, so players don’t have to worry about losing the receiver. In addition, the mode switch is also at the bottom of the keyboard.

→The left rear of the keyboard uses the Type-C port to connect to the computer.

→At a glance at the bottom of the keyboard, there are anti-slip pads at the four corners and at the rear on both sides.

→You can see the receiver’s storage position on the left side of the bottom, and the mode switch is at the bottom right of the storage position.

K86R dedicated software, easy to master the settings and lighting effects

The K86R keyboard has exclusive software that allows players to adjust key functions, lighting effect settings, etc. In the key setting section, all keys can be customized. In addition to the basic preset function switching, there are additional functions that provide macro recording. In addition, there is also a game mode that allows players to quickly disable Win key, Alt+Tab and Alt+F4 . The lighting effects section provides 19 options for players to choose from, and the lighting effects can be fine-tuned for color, direction, brightness, and speed. Of course, players who don’t want lighting effects can also choose to turn off the lighting effects to increase wireless battery life.

→Key setting page.

→ Game mode setting page.

→ Macro programming page.

→ Backlight adjustment page.

iRocks K86R Summary

This time out of the box, this rare iRocks K86R with 98 configuration is still good in terms of experience. Although it adopts a hot-swap shaft design, because there is a dedicated hot-swap socket now, there will be no difference in the tapping feel. The normal shaft shakes, and the matte feel of the PBT keycap is originally my favorite.

In the part of the 98 configuration, it is found that it is actually similar to the keyboard configuration of many laptops, and the biggest disadvantage of these configurations is that it takes time to adapt to the new key distribution around the direction keys, but the advantages are also obvious, because compared with TKL’s Configuration, the numeric keypad is reserved on the right side, which is relatively convenient whether you are typing at work or playing games that require the numeric keypad.

The new K86R wireless dual-mode mechanical keyboard launched by iRocks this time. After using it, the author thinks that this is a keyboard that is more suitable for players of both writing and games than the TKL configuration. Plus the price of 2990 yuan, if you want A short keyboard, then you can see if the K86R with 98 is just right for your needs~

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