special | Doubts about Messi’s participation with Paris against Metz

Doubts about Lionel Messi’s participation with Paris Saint-Germain in his next match.

Doubts emerged about Lionel Messi’s participation with his team, Paris Saint-Germain, in his next match against Metz, in the seventh round of the French League.

The Argentine star had a physical problem in the last Paris Saint-Germain match against Lyon, in which he was replaced, with resentment appearing on his face.

Messi refused to shake hands with his coach in Paris Saint-Germain, Mauricio Pochettino, in a controversial shot, after he walked off the field with signs of dissatisfaction on his face.

What is the physical problem that Messi suffered?

Science joulesLionel Messi is currently suffering from a physical problem due to a knee injury he sustained in his team’s last match.

Pochettino took his compatriot off the field in the 76th minute amid a storm of controversy, after which he confirmed that he makes his decisions according to the best interest of the team.

The Argentine coach touched on the matter in the press conference and did not mention anything about any physical problem for the player, as he said: “I take decisions in the interest of the team, sometimes these decisions like the players and other times they do not, but I am here to make decisions and I must do that.”

Is Messi ready for the next team match?

According to private sources joules There are doubts about the Argentine flea’s readiness for the team’s match against Metz, tomorrow, Tuesday.

Messi participated in only 3 occasions with Paris Saint-Germain, the last of which was against Lyon, and he is still searching for his first goal in the team’s shirt.

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