Special forces prepare for future conflicts

REPORT – In Bayonne, the 1st RPIMa is the heir to the “Special Air Service” created by the British during the Second World War.

In Bayonne

In the enclosure of the Citadel, in Bayonne, the young engaged of the “special forces ground” arrive singing. Their loud voices proudly sing the song of the marshes as they take their places alongside the soldiers of theis Parachute Regiment of Marine Infantry (RPIMa). This ceremony marks the end of their initial four-month training. Drastic, the selection is just beginning for them. They will only be a handful to be able to integrate, at the end of the road in a year, a “Stick”, one of these units of ten soldiers who form the “bricks” of 1is RPIMa. Everyone is called by a pseudonym. Anonymity is the rule. The regiment, like the 13e RDP, the 4the RHFS, the CPA10 or the marine commandos, belong to the special forces. These elite troops are the spearhead of French operations in the Sahel as in the Levant. “Preparation is as difficult as the terrain”, says Sergeant Tino, a senior soldier.

That day, in Bayonne, the sergeant

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