specialists call for better access to naloxone, an antidote to heroin and opioid overdoses

Naloxone helps fight heroin overdoses or opioid drugs. Its nasal spray version is still not marketed in France

Structures and associations specializing in addictions are calling for better access to naloxone, the antidote to overdoses of heroin or opioid drugs, Tuesday on the occasion of the world day for the prevention of overdoses.

“For it to have a real impact on public health, (naloxone) must be distributed in pharmacies in all its forms (intramuscularly as in nasal spray) and available in first aid kits of emergency devices”, plead these structures, including the Addict’Aide Fund, the Addiction Federation or the Marmottan Hospital, in a joint press release.

“In the event of an overdose, it is the people around them who are the first to intervene. Users and their families must therefore have wide access to naloxone. This is a crucial point, ”they continue.

Spray nasal

Naloxone comes in two forms: injectable (under the name Prenoxad) or by nasal spray. But the second is no longer available in France for the moment.

Naloxone nasal spray was previously sold under the name Nalscue and available without a prescription, but this product is no longer marketed. Another product of the same type, called Nyxoid, is to replace it, but it has not yet been marketed and must be under medical prescription.

“We regret that after the relaunch of the campaign on the prevention of overdoses during the first confinement […], to this day we still only had a single form of administration of naloxone and we have no prospect of having in the short term a form of intranasal naloxone not subject to medical prescription ”, conclude the associations .

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Following the international overdose prevention day on August 31, the Aides association launched a week of specific actions throughout France, from September 2 to 6. Objective, to challenge the authorities on the need to improve access to naloxone, the only antidote to overdoses.

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