Specialists evoke the Coxsackie virus.

The populations of Thiaroye-sur-mer no longer sleep on their two ears. Indeed, a mysterious disease contracted by fishermen has spread to Thiaroye sur mer. A disease which is of viral origin caused by the coxsackie virus, according to dermatologist Ibrahima Ndiaye. According to him, there is only one virus that can reach a group of people so quickly as a kind of epidemic.

“When I looked at the lesions, as a dermatology expert, it looks like an allergic reaction to something but it’s far from it. As it is an infection that has affected a group like a kind of epidemic, I think the origin remains a viral origin. There is only one virus that can do this. This is the reason why we think of the coxsackie virus which is a contagious viral disease, ”he said.

Reached by telephone, the specialist defines the symptoms of the disease. “Coxsackie is a virus that causes ‘hand-foot-mouth’ syndrome. Blistering lesions of the hands, mouth and feet ”. This virus appears most often in children, estimates the dermatologist.

To reassure, the white coat invites the populations not to be alarmed because it is a local epidemic in a very limited context. “People shouldn’t think it’s like the Covid-19 virus. You just have to identify the epidemic locally and already make the diagnosis because you don’t already know what it is ”.

To this end, Dr Ndiaye invites us to carry out investigations and samples from patients to make a diagnosis as quickly as possible. To determine the causes of this virus before alerting the population.

Questioned on the causes of this disease, the Deputy Chief Medical Officer of the Samu Municipal, Dr Mame Pathé Diakhaté, believes that it is a simple allergy caused by chemicals. “Thiaroye-sur-mer is an industrial area. And these factories can release waste that can cause allergies in the population. This disease is not new. When pimples appear on a person’s body, it does not mean that it is an illness, but that the person has been in contact with something that caused their allergy, ”he explains.


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