Spectacular start of the last "Asterix"

Even if the word game is easy, the new and 38th album of the adventures of Asterix, "The daughter of Vercingetorix" (Editions Albert René (Lagardère) is about to achieve a real cardboard.A month after its release, the 24 October, its sales exceeded 1.2 million copies in France (out of a total of 1.5 million in French).
the previous album "Asterix and the Transitalique"

    in October 2017.

Boasting an exceptional circulation of 5 million copies worldwide, "La fille de Vercingetorix" has been translated into fifteen languages. And four days after its release, the album had already sold nearly 600,000 copies in France (source GfK.)

First female heroine

It is true that for the first time since its appearance in the magazine "Pilote" in 1959, the series welcomes a female heroine, Adrenaline, daughter of the Gallic leader Vercingetorix. A "teenager" runaway, rebellious, idealistic … that should attract the sympathy of Millennials. "Heroin has something in common with Greta Thunberg but it's a coincidence"admitted the duo of authors Jean-Yves Ferri – Didier Conrad- to the "JDD" at the time of the release.

Bad health in the comics industry

The success of the new "Asterix" goes hand in hand with the insolent health of the comics segment. With a turnover representing 15% of the total market of the French edition (2.67 billion euros, source SNE) and a dynamic editorial production (5,300 new in 2018), the comic is part, with the Youth Book , segments that "pull" the most actively French edition.

In the first half of 2019, sales of comics jumped 9.9% (excluding mangas), while those of BD jeunesse shot up by 10% in bookstores.

A successful literary comeback

"The comics market is working well because the quality is there and Astérix touches everyone: René Gosciny has always taken care to offer different levels of reading to reach all generations", analyzes Moïse Kissous, CEO of Steinkis Group, and chairman of the SNE BD group. In fact, in "The daughter of Vercingetorix", the political references are multiple: "Levies at the source", "Gaulish refractory", invitation to "cross the street"


    from last year,
the return to literature 2019

    seems to be a success,
"Boosted" by the prices.

    "All men inhabit the world in the same way" by Jean-Paul Dubois (L'Olivier), Prix Goncourt, has already "invoiced" 406,000 copies, while "The Panther of the Snows" by Sylvain Tesson (Gallimard) , Renaudot, already reaches 335,000 copies sold. What to predict a euphoric Christmas.

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