Speculation about Prince Philip’s condition after Prince Charles unexpected visit | Entertainment

The visit did not last too long. After half an hour, the British heir to the throne left again. Charles had to sit in the car for quite some time. The journey from his home at Highgrove House in Gloucestershire to King Edward VII Hospital in London takes more than two hours.

The visit is striking because under the current corona measures, British are not allowed to visit patients who are in hospital. Prince Charles did not enter through the main entrance. There is therefore a lot of speculation on social media whether the situation around Philip might be worse than the palace has communicated.

The 99-year-old Duke of Edinburgh was hospitalized on Tuesday for feeling unwell. On Friday it was announced that he has to stay at least another week. It is not clear what exactly is wrong with him, but he is not infected with the corona virus. According to sources close to the prince, he feels good under the circumstances.

Queen Elizabeth is not with her husband, but at home in Windsor Castle.

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