Speechless Alfatierchen

SWe have been waiting for a press release from Deutsche Umwelthilfe since Tuesday. Or at least a television appearance, something with the usual alpha riot from Axel Friedrich and Jürgen Resch. But by the time of going to press: nothing. The same emptiness in our e-mail inbox, no letters from all the selfless lawyers who tried to help us a hundredfold to sue Mercedes-Benz. Or the assembled criminal gangs of the auto industry. With guaranteed profit. Unfortunately, there are judges with human and sober expertise in this country, to top it off at the Federal Court of Justice. Its 6th civil senate ruled that the use of a thermal window was not comparable to the fraud carried out by VW, where the authorities were deceived with software about compliance with the exhaust emission limits “in their own cost and profit interests”. When using a thermal window, Mercedes is lacking malicious action, according to the decision. To assess the behavior as objectively immoral is not justified. Well, if technicians install a temperature control to protect the engine in accordance with legal requirements, isn’t that a diesel scandal at all?

Holger Appel

Editor in business, responsible for “Technology and Engine”.

In fairness it should be said that the auto engineers have stretched the legal framework a lot, society doesn’t like that. But let’s look ahead, there is something remarkable to report. Alfa Romeo has a new boss. It comes from Peugeot, which is the same company recently merged under the name Stellantis. Tradition does not protect against ruin. Alfa is now an Alfatierchen, the Italians reportedly sold around 30,000 cars in Europe last year. In the eighties there were 170,000. To put it into perspective: The clinically dead brand Lancia only sells one car, the Y, and only in Italy. 43,000 times. It is time for someone with a heart to take care of Romeo and Giulia. Whether the emissaries from France who are more inclined to savings plans have that?


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