“Speed ​​Touring Car Legends” will be released on February 25, 2022 to create a multi-level cross-platform race “GRID Legends”

Codemasters and Electronic Arts (EA) announced that they will “Legends(GRID LEGENDS)”’s global release date is set for February 25th. The main game mode of this racing game includes more than 300 races, a richer career (Career) experience, a plot mode called “Driven to Glory”, “Drift” and “Knockout ( Elimination” return and the addition of Electric Boost events.

All drivers can drive more than 100 vehicles directly after the game is released, racing around the world, running through classic tracks and city attractions. And thanks to the new features, you can quickly connect with friends and opponents through a cross-platform multiplayer mode. “Legends“Will be launched on Origin and Steam platforms of Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Pre-order the Deluxe Edition or Standard Edition to get the exclusive “Seneca & Ravenwest” dual package content.

  《Legends“Has more than ever”Speed ​​Touring Car Race》The game has more options, including the highly popular “Drift” mode from the community and the fan favorite “Elimination”: it puts a lot of pressure on lagging players, and there are constant riders who are eliminated regularly. In the end, only one person can Win. The new “Race Creator” allows players to host multi-level events of their dreams, or combine a variety of different types of vehicles, each game can create exciting racing moments. By changing weather conditions, event time, adding ramps and boost gates (Boost gate), the game experience can be more unique, and no match will be exactly the same.

“Driven to Glory” emphasizes the realistic racing story. The team aims to “Speed ​​Touring Car Race “GRID World Series” fights, and players will be put in a tricky situation because of this. “Driven to Glory” uses virtual production technology and invites award-winning actor Ncuti Gatwa to take the lead. Use real actors instead of motion capture to bring the characters to life, combining the movie with the racing challenge. After the plot ends, the progress will be converted to career progress, and a series of new events will be opened for everyone to complete.

  《Legends》Mainly enhanced multiplayer mode system, making racing and interacting with friends the core of the game experience. The multiplayer mode not only supports cross-platform play, but also reminds the player when the partner is online, press the button three times quickly to start the race. No need to wait for friend invitations or enter the lobby: just pick an event and you can start almost immediately.

Codemasters’Speed ​​Touring Car Race“Game Director Chris Smith said: “After the release date was confirmed, the studio also began to make the final adjustments to our richest “Touring Car Race” game in our history.Legends》This thrilling game allows drivers to have a variety of experiences and diversified options, including a rich career experience, innovative plot mode, and a competition creator featuring multiple customizations that allows players to create dream events ( Race Creator). The new game function also allows friends to connect quickly, leaving more time for the track instead of the lobby. “

Pre-order players can obtain “Legends“”Seneca & Ravenwest” dual package. This content will be available on the launch day and will unlock four cars for Career race driving: Aston Martin Vantage GT4, Porsche 962C, Ginetta G55 GT4 and Koenigsegg Jesko. The package also includes an exclusive Career event dominated by Ravenwest, as well as exclusive “Seneca” and “Ravenwest” team emblems, logos and flags, allowing players to customize their vehicles and show off to everyone online.


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