Spend your bitcoins without contact: Ledger launches its crypto bank card in Europe

Be Your own Bank – This maxim has never been so true as now. Own your own money and cryptos and be able to spend it as we see fit. Without the slightest justification to be provided to any intermediary. With the new bank card from Ledger, we are approaching this ultimate goal. All the details.

One more card, Ledger enters the game!

The French flagship of hardware wallets adds a new string to its bow with the release of its long-awaited bank card. Announced since December 2021the expectation of Ledger fans is now rewarded.

Ledger has therefore entered into a partnership with Banx, a web3 fintech based in England. Furthermore, thanks to the services of Mastercardthis debit card gives access to more than 90 million merchants all over the planet and on the internet.

But what changes the situation compared to other crypto bank cards, which are often dependent on an exchange for their operation, is the absence of an intermediary. In terms of holding the funds anyway. Indeed, to use the Binance card for example, you must have euros or cryptos on Binance. It is therefore necessary to place one’s trust in the exchange. What, these daysis no small feat.

The Crypto Ledger Card, or CL Card is now available on Ledger – Source: Twitter

With Ledger, you own your cryptos on your key, no one but you can access them. They are easily transferable to your brand new bank card via l’application Ledger Live, which allows you to manage your cryptocurrencies. You can thus use your cryptos as a means of payment. Be careful though, in France this is a taxable event. In addition, at the end of each month, you receive 1% cash back in BTC or in USDT on your purchases made with the card. See even 2% if you choose to receive the cashback in BXXthe house token of Baanx.

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Towards banking independence for citizens?

When a system does not work or malfunctions, human nature is such that it will look for solutions. By all means. Faced with the slow decline of a sick financial system, new technologies are appearing. This is with the aim of giving citizens back the keys to their own destiny. New alternative solutions are emerging, driven by the blockchain, by Bitcoin and cryptos. By allowing everyone to own their cryptos, Ledger is spearheading this revolution. The company is now an indispensable member of the global crypto landscape.

Through a hardware wallet, a bank card… By simplifying processes and availability in store typically… The general public will soon have access to simple and effective solutions to regain control of their monetary sovereignty. There will then be no reason to stay in banks. No more reason to undergo supporting paperwork each time you want to make a transfer of more than €1000 with your own money. And fear that this is not possible.

We are perhaps at the dawn of a monetary revolution in the making where the self-custody of one’s money will once again become commonplace. On the other hand, we must not hide our face. The elites will do everything not to lose their power over the currency, over our savings. In this sense, the greatest danger of cryptos is none other than the MNBC (Central Bank Digital Currencies). The latter, on the contrary, seek to place the government at the center of all our transactions, giving it the possibility of a click, to authorize them… or not.

In crypto, do not economize on caution! So, to keep your crypto assets safe, the best solution is still a personal hardware wallet. At Ledger, there is something for all profiles and all cryptos. Do not wait to put your capital in safety (commercial link)!

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