Spending Coupon 2022|YATA Department Store “Consumer Coupon Proposal” Items up to 30% off when you buy a gift certificate or a $110 supermarket coupon with a purchase of $1000 or more AlipayHK “YATA Exclusive Spending Reward” up to $335 off- 20220806 – HOT PICK

governmente-couponThe second phase will be distributed on August 7, and YATA Department Store (Shatin, Tai Po, Tsuen Wan) will launch the “Yata Department Store” from August 7 to September 12.Coupons“Proposal”, a selection of 20 $1000 product combinations, including kitchen appliances, makeup and skin care, baby products, etc., up to 30% off, and you can also redeem a $110 cash coupon when you buy the selected combination. During the promotion period, you can redeem a $110 supermarket cash coupon when you purchase YATA cash coupons or department store items over $1,000 in a single invoice on the same day.

AlipayHK “YATA Exclusive Spending Reward”

In addition, YATA and AlipayHK have jointly launched the “YATA Exclusive Spending Reward” from now until August 31. Each AlipayHK user can scan the QR Code on the promotional materials in the YATA store to grab a $15 cash coupon to spend Get $15 off when you spend $300 or more with AlipayHK. At the same time, YATA has logged into the AlipayHK brand channel. From August 7th, it will launch the exclusive “Follow Rewards”. Enter the AlipayHK “Brand Channel” interface and follow YATA’s special page, you will have the opportunity to get a $10 cash coupon, and more Get a variety of discounts on the page, up to $335 per account.

YATA Department Store website:www.yata.hk

Note: Information and discounts are subject to the announcement of the store

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