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Spicy face to face of Noelia Marzol with Yanina Latorre for her criticism: “I will not answer because aggression brings more aggression”

After being classified for a new round in the public vote in The academy from ShowMatch, Noelia Marzol visited The Morning Angels where crossed paths with Yanina Latorre as a result of a previous conflict which has been going on for a few days.

“The other day I told a piece of information, I did not think about you or about your family. I’m going to clarify that to you because you came out with that you do not have the same values ​​as me, the answer that you don’t have to give ”, Yanina warned Noelia.

“I said that in LaFlia there were people who counted, that was information and therefore I did not reveal the source, that you were enlarged, that you did not give notes. Ángel reproached you in a tweet ”, explained Yanina.


“You answered that it was the notary, that you were always in a hurry, that you did not give more notes in The Academy Preview (Monday to Friday at 8 p.m. City Magazine), like rushing everything because you have a baby and you have to take care of him. You mixed everything, ”added Yanina.

All of that is information, not opinion. You took off, you spoke that values, that empathy. Reina, I did not speak of empathy or sisterhood, it is information. If not, we can’t talk about any woman on the air ”, explained the little angel.

I will not answer because aggression brings more aggression“The dancer just answered.” It is not aggression, it is information, “replied Yanina.

“There are my colleagues, who will be able to inform you about the situation. In fact, yesterday I was happy because many colleagues told me ‘I know that if the subject goes on the air, we will bank it’ “, Noelia justified herself, who assured that” Those of La Previa hate her. “


“On LaFlia everyone hates it. Se got on a pony. They say that she mistreats, that she answers badly, that because she is a mother she has to be the first to have her makeup done, her hair done. Not me, that mother thing, “Yanina had said in LAM.

“Say what you want. The truth does not warm me. But mistreated, that I answer badly or that I treat my colleagues badly, no. That is not real and it is a very ugly accusation. Don’t project on me“wrote Marzol, for his part on Twitter.

“You would have to ask in the makeup room if I have any kind of demand … I don’t think they are informing you well. And being a mom is always my priority, but I keep working. Don’t mess with my job or my family. place for your opinion there ”, concluded Noelia Marzol.


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