Spider-Man graphics go flat on PS4 and PS5

Next to Marvel´s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, new PS5 users can also enjoy the remastered version that debuted in 2018 for PS4 of Marvel´s Spider-Man. If you already played it with the previous console, is it worth playing it again? The next video It can get you out of doubt.

One of the things we already knew and that we had commented is that this new remastered version of Spider-Man on PS5 completely changes the image of Peter Parker. In reality it is a change for the better, at least a priori. The new version of the game includes improved performance on several levels by running the title at 60fps (compared to 30fps on the PS4 pro).

Not only that. The remastered version also includes graphical improvements that can be seen in the atmosphere of the city through which Spider-Man glides thanks to ray tracing. The loading times, now almost instantaneous, or the reflections and textures of the characters have also been improved, with Peter Parker being the most dreamed of.

The following video comes to put into perspective if all these changes are really noticeable enough while we play. This is a flat-to-flat comparison of the graphics. Let’s see the sequence:

As you can see, there are big differences, particularly when reflections are observed in glass windows and puddles. The image is clearer overall compared to the original PS4.

Outside of the sharper textures and the obvious benefits of ray racing, the performance is probably the most interesting. The visual composition is almost on par with the quality level of PS4, with the benefit of doubling the speed of photogramas.[[YouTube]


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