Splatoon 3 will be released for Nintendo Switch – Gaming – News next year

Nintendo is working on a successor to the game Splatoon 2, released in 2017. The new game, Splatoon 3, has not yet received an exact release date, but it is clear that the game must be released for the Switch console sometime in 2022.

During the Nintendo Direct presentation, the Japanese game company did not reveal much about it Splatoon 3, in addition to releasing a trailer, an early version of the character creation system and some footage of where the new game will take place. The trailer shows an Inkling character traveling on a train from a deserted desert environment to a city that is somewhat reminiscent of Tokyo.

The trailer also showed footage of what appears to be typical multiplayer gameplay, where players must bombard the environment with paint as much as possible to gain the upper hand. In addition, there also seems to be a campaign in which a post-apocalyptic world is central.

The new game takes place in Splatsville, a ‘city ​​of chaos‘which is located in the middle of the hot Spatlands desert and far from Inkopolis, the city from the first two Splatoon games. This desert is inhabited by Inkling and Octoling veterans. Ground Wars are also being fought in this desolate area, where new levels and weapons are available and four players can take on four others.

Nintendo reports that there are new moves available that allow players to dodge attacks and paint terrain faster. This includes an arc-shaped weapon that can fire multiple ink shots at the same time. Nintendo provides little further details about Splatoon 3 and says it will provide more information in the future.

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