SPÖ councilor calls for a quota of migrants for boss jobs – Vienna

SPÖ councilor Mireille Ngosso advocates a quota of migrants in management jobs.

Drew as “first black woman” Mireille Ngosso, deputy district head of the inner city, joined the Vienna City Council a few days ago. Before the Vienna election, the SPÖ politician had a strong social media presence and the slogan “It’s time for one of us!” applied for preferential votes.

Experienced a lot of racism

The doctor wants to promote health and integration issues in the local council. The politician already experienced racism as a teenager. In an interview with “Wien heute”, the 40-year-old spoke about dropping out of school after a teacher said to her: “You will never become anything”.

She was 16 years old then. “I was lucky and had family and friends who supported me. Other people don’t have that,” said the SPÖ councilor.

That is why she calls for a quota of migrants for management jobs. The Greens made headlines with a similar demand for city jobs in the Vienna election campaign. “Black people do not have the same opportunities as white people. I believe that otherwise it will be very difficult for migrants without a network.”

Her role model is Germany, where there are quotas so that “people with migration backgrounds can get into higher floors”. A third of all Viennese have a migration background, according to Ngosso.

Fled when she was three

She came to Austria when she was three. Her parents had fled the Democratic Republic of the Congo with her. Today Ngosso works as a doctor in the Hietzing hospital. “The intensive care units are almost full,” said the 40-year-old. She took her medical degree through the second educational path.

As a surgeon, she uses the care facilities in kindergarten for her children due to professional circumstances. “I have to go to work, my husband has to go to work, he’s also a doctor.

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