SPÖ-Laimer: Brigadier Gruber confirms that we have too few personnel in the army

2023-09-19 13:09:06

A shortage of personnel in the army leaves equipment sitting unused in the garage

Vienna (OTS/SK) Today Brigadier Gruber once again confirmed what SPÖ defense spokesman Robert Laimer has been criticizing for months. A lack of personnel in the armed forces to service the Defense Minister’s enormous procurements. “The material growth in the ÖBH can only be achieved with well-trained staff. The increasing wave of retirements is increasingly thinning out the apparatus – now we have to take action. The fact that the material, such as new helicopters or planes, cannot take off because we lack the soldiers cannot be the aim of the exercise. The Federal Army urgently needs a personnel offensive and the job profile of non-commissioned officers to be made more attractive.” ****

Laimer is pushing for an increase in starting salaries: “If you don’t pay properly, you shouldn’t be surprised if the staff doesn’t come along.” The second important starting point for Laimer is non-commissioned officer training: “The small units need to be strengthened. They are the engine of our national defense. To this end, the level of training in the Army NCO Academy must be increased and dropouts minimized. The Defense Minister cannot continue to pretend that this problem does not exist.” (Conclusion) sd/bj

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