SPÖ-Laimer: Make the militia ready for action, instead of building an alibi militia

2023-09-26 12:02:08

Militia is the backbone of the Austrian armed forces

Vienna (OTS/SK) SPÖ defense spokesman Robert Laimer shakes his head about the defense minister’s latest alibi action, which was reported today. Instead of working on an operational militia, a new mini-force should be created. “This alibi militia has exactly one purpose: it is intended to protect the defense minister from criticism in the future if she fails to mobilize the militia quickly again. “Austria doesn’t need two speeds in the militia, but rather one that is ready for action,” said the SPÖ military spokesman. ****

Instead, the military spokesman advocates making militia service more attractive: “We finally have to get rid of the disadvantages under social law. It must not happen that someone who enlists as a militia soldier has to accept disadvantages in the pension calculation, for example. If you commit to defending Austria, it should be a social bonus and not a penalty.”

Laimer expresses his great gratitude to all soldiers who enlist in the militia: “The militia soldiers are the backbone of our armed forces. Each and every one of them does a great service for our republic. This should be recognized for everyone, instead of creating an artificial separation between the soldiers.” (Conclusion) sd/lp

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