SPÖ-Matznetter on IMF forecast: failure of the Austrian government confirmed!

Monetary fund forecast shows: Inflation in this country well above the euro zone average – negative effects on purchasing power and competition in Austria

Vienna (OTS/SK) According to the latest IMF forecast, which will be presented today, Tuesday, inflation in Austria will again be over 8 percent in 2023, while prices in the rest of the euro zone are expected to rise by 5.6 percent. This is once again proof of how miserably the ÖVP and the Greens have failed in the fight against inflation – at all levels. The victims of this government failure are the people in Austria and the Austrian business location, especially since the large inflation difference between the euro zone and Austria will have a negative impact on purchasing power and competition,” criticizes the SPÖ economic spokesman Christoph Matznetter on the occasion of the first media reports on the latest IMF figures . ****

According to Matznetter, the comparison with the euro zone shows that the problems in Austria are not exclusively due to the general economic situation. “Price inflation in Austria is largely self-made because the government has not implemented any sensible measures to lower prices and thus dampen inflation in the long term. There is not a single country in Western Europe that has higher inflation than Austria. According to forecasts by WIFO and IHS, this scandalous failure of the government is now also confirmed by the forecasts of the International Monetary Fund. Conclusion: What Austria can no longer afford is this federal government,” Matznetter concludes. (final) sr/lp

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