SPOILERS on The Last of Us Part II: “one of the worst days of my life”, Neil Druckmann returns to the leaks

Please note, this article contains spoilers de The Last of Us Part II. If you have not yet launched the game, avoid reading the rest, it reveals some major elements of the plot that occur at the start of the adventure, but also after ten hours of play. You have been warned, now, place the statements of Neil Druckmann.

The Last of Us Part II vignette 05 05 2020

The game director has indeed returned, during a podcast at Kinda Funny, on the leaks which occurred as early as April. External internet users at Naughty Dog and Sony have managed to get their hands on particularly important sequences of the game, revealing in particular to the less fortunate on the Web the death of a major character. And of course, Neil Druckmann was devastated when the images were shot on the Internet:

What was really difficult was when the leaks occurred and you see that this scene came out. The love people have for this character, and that’s all they have, that and the fact that you then embody the person who killed them. And they freak out. This is understandable. Then, we had to sit there for two months and say to ourselves, “There is more than that, but we cannot say anything yet”. They just live with this frustration and anger. It was hard. It was really hard.

It was one of the worst days of my life when the leak occurred. I saw it happen in real time. I saw it when it happened on YouTube. We were all panicking, asking them to remove the video. But, there is a lag, so it takes about an hour to remove it. There were maybe a thousand views when everything was removed. Then you just sit there and your damn heart burns, and you say to yourself, “It’s there, there is only a while before it explodes”. A few hours later, it was everywhere, and you start to hate all the social networks you are on, and it soon turns into death threats, anti-Semitic remarks and madness, things I could never have predicted. I knew people would get mad at the death of a character they love. I never thought it would reach that kind of hatred? I don’t even know how to describe it. Frustrating.

The thing that was hard to see is that people sort of camped out their positions and stayed with the idea of ​​”I already hate this game, no context will change that for me”. At one point, it took a few days, you realize that the worst has happened. The worst way to present the game has arrived – our worst fear. Because we had done so much to try to protect this story.

Upon its release, the page Metacritic of the game has been bombarded with negative comments and ratings from Internet users, most of whom did not buy or finish the game, the title of Naughty Dog stagnating at 4.6 / 10 on the part of Internet users (a figure that is gradually going up), against 94/100 for the specialized press. Anyway, The Last of Us Part II sold more than four million copies the weekend following its releaseproof that the players still trusted the studio. You can get the game for € 59.99 at the Fnac.

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