Sport, a new playground for savers

A few weeks ago, the management company Mandarine Gestion was in the “starting blocks” to launch a new fund dedicated … to sport. Its objective: to invest in various companies linked to this practice – fitness rooms, sportswear, gym equipment, cardio belts, food supplements, etc. The birth of this vehicle, “Mandarine Global Sport”, comes to flesh out a restricted category since only four funds have so far dug this furrow.

The emergence of the sporting theme would be justified, according to the managers, by major trends. “The world sports economy weighs 5,000 billion euros”, indicates Nicolas Kieffer, manager of the M Sport & Lifestyle fund, from Montpensier. In addition, the financial weight of this industry “Has increased by 6% to 7% per year for ten years, twice as fast as the global gross domestic product, and this rate of growth should be maintained for another decade”, says Adrien Dumas, director of management at Mandarine Gestion.

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According to these management specialists, the sports sector would benefit from several promising factors.

First, sporting activity is encouraged more by the health and disease prevention policies of the States (obesity, risk cardiovascular, etc.). ” France recently launched the Sport Pass, to encourage sports, and China has launched a $ 350 billion investment plan », Underlines Mr. Dumas.

Then, this sector is experiencing regular technical and technological innovations, and, quite recently, a revolution related to connected equipment. Finally, the development of the middle classes in emerging countries should ultimately help boost global demand.

New element: “With repeated confinements, in many places on the planet we are taking more and more awareness that it is necessary to be attentive to one’s health and to practice a sporting activity », Comments Mr. Kieffer. Outdoor sports, such as walking, running, cycling, are very popular.

Heavyweights and young nuggets

In this context, if the traditional sports players already in the race are rubbing their hands, new and more specialized competitors are entering this market. “This sector is moving a lot, not a month goes by without an IPO”, points out Pierre-Alexis François, portfolio manager Thematics Wellness, of Thematics AM.

From now on, the spectrum of listed companies involved in sport is wide: “It goes from historic heavyweights to promising young nuggets”, explains Arnaud Morvillez, manager of the Uzès Sport fund. This universe includes manufacturers of equipment, clothing and accessories, but also those offering solutions for the supervision of sports practice.

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