Sport Huancayo vs. Deportivo Llacuabamba (4-3): see summary, video, chronicle and goals of the match by date 6 of Phase 2 of League 1 | FOOTBALL-PERUVIAN

Updated 11/16/2020 at 5:26 PM

With goals from Daniel Morales, Charles Monsalvo, Víctor Peña, and even an own goal from Manuel Calderón, Wilmar Valencia’s side returned to winning ways after three dates.

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Sport Huancayo vs. Deportivo Llacuabamba: post match

Sport Huancayo vs. Deportivo Llacuabamba: confirmed lineups

Sport Huancayo vs. Deportivo Llacuabamba: minute by minute

Sport Huancayo vs. Deportivo Llacuabamba: the preview

Having focused on the South American Cup in recent weeks, the ‘Rojo’ Matador has lost a lot in the second phase of the tournament, placing himself at the bottom of the standings, with just three draws and two defeats having to come out of that. Location.

Llacuabamba, meanwhile, finds itself in a situation adrift: although they have won in two of their last five games, the situation in which they were at the beginning makes it almost impossible to stay in the First Division, especially when Álex Valera did not will play this match, seeing the red card on the previous date against Carlos Mannucci.

In the case of those led by ‘Bam Bam’, their last victory was six games ago (October 19 against Mannucci), so it is necessary to add to get away from persecutors like Mannucci himself, Alianza Universidad and Deportivo Binacional.

In the preliminary match of the first phase of League 1, Huancayo defeated Llacuabamba 2-0 at the Alberto Gallardo Stadium, with goals from Marcio Valverde and Luis Enrique Campos.

It should be remembered that on the following date, Huancayo will face Mannucci, while Llacuabamba will do it with Melgar from Arequipa.



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