Sporting Cristal: Renzo Revoredo will not remain at the club for the 2021 season, according to a Rimense statement | League 1

Sporting Cristal It comes from winning League 1 2020 after winning the first leg of the final 2-1 against Universitario de Deportes in the Nacional with a subsequent 1-1 draw in the second leg. Despite the joy for the new title obtained, the Rimense directive continues with its work of signings and departures, and this Saturday a novelty was confirmed in relation to the experienced Renzo revoredo.

It happens that the official accounts in social networks of Sporting Cristal they realized the departure of Revoredo as a player of the first celestial team. Through a statement, the La Florida team fired him and hopes that he will do well in the future. As a club player, the defender won the love of the ‘beer’ fan.

“He Club Sporting CristaHe publicly expresses his appreciation to Renzo revoredo for the commitment and dedication that he gave us for eight years and wishes him success in the future, “was what the celestial club indicated in its text. Quickly, the team’s fans replicated the publication and showed their gratitude to the footballer, who also He has a past in Sports University.

Sporting Cristal’s thanks to Revoredo

They also mentioned that the player “was trained at the club and together with us he has managed to obtain four national titles.” Thank you, Renzo, for always raising the values ​​of the club. Cheers, Renzo! “Added those from Rímac.

With 34 years of age, Renzo revoredo leave the store Sporting Cristal (He was on loan to Melgar de Arequipa in 2017). In this way, he is a free player for any team in League 1 or abroad to take it into account.


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