Sports La Serena vs Coquimbo United | RESULT, GOALS and SUMMARY for the National Championship

In a tough confrontation Sports La Serena victory eluded him in the region’s classic over United Coquimboafter the Pirates matched him in the 95th minute of the game, for the third date of the National Championship.

Those led by Ivo Basay took advantage of one of the few scoring opportunities that could be created, while Zacarías López was the great figure in his goal.

That until the last breath when a penalty gave the definitive equality to Coquimbo Unido.

VAR y gol

In a duel played at noon, with a La Portada stadium without an audience, due to the prohibition of access for fans due to phase 2 that is in the city, both teams wanted to impose their terms on the field.

It was the 28th minute when one of the most important actions came, when judge Francisco Gilabert charged a penalty in favor of the locals, despite the Pirates’ claims.

Although Leonardo Valencia had the ball in his hand, a call from the VAR stopped everything and made the match referee see that the foul did not exist, keeping everything equal.

It was the 40th minute when the joy would arrive for Deportes La Serena, after Marcelo Herrera scored in the goalkeeper Formento for the first hugs in La Portada.

lopez the figure

In the second part, it was Coquimbo Unido that took center stage in the match, with the striker commanded by Esteban Paredes, but they met resistance at all times from the goalkeeper of La Serena and the national team, Zacarías López, who once demonstrated more than going through a great football moment.

Against Paredes and Joe Abrigo, the Garnet goalkeeper prevailed in all hands-on-hands or shots thrown at his goal, remaining one of the stars of the match, although everything changed in discounts.

criminal in the sigh

When the game was going on La Portada, in discounts, a penalty came for Coquimbo Unido, after a childish foul by Alarcón on Ramos.

The person in charge of executing was Abrigo, who had no problems, on this occasion, to beat Zacarías López and equalize the score 1-1.


the previous

Sports La Serena and United Coquimbo They will face each other once again in a new edition of the classic from the fourth region. This time the duel corresponds to the fourth date of the National Championship and it will be played without an audience at the La Portada stadium.

Special duel of Chilean soccer that is played again in the highest category of Chilean football, but that due to health issues, he will not be able to count on the fans that give color to these encounters.

Both teams come with the need to obtain the three points, since neither “Papayeros” nor “Piratas” have managed to win this season. United Coquimbo He has only managed to add one point and is in fifteenth place, this is because in his debut he lost to Catholic Universityand on the second date with Everton. While in his last game he drew against Palestinian.

The season of the “Garnets” is not very different from that of Coquimbo Unido, since they barely add 2 points, after the defeat in their debut against O’Higgins and during the last two games they have only achieved draws against colo colo and another in front of Sports Antofagasta.

Although the classics are experienced differently and it is very important to win them, Both teams will go out in search of victory to be able to leave the relegation zone behind and focus on continuing to add 3 during this season that is just beginning.

Day and time: When do La Serena vs. Coquimbo Unido play?

La Serena vs Coquimbo Unido will play this Saturday, February 26 at 12:00 p.m. in Chile.

Television: Where to watch La Serena vs Coquimbo Unido live on TV?

The match will be broadcast live on TV in TNT Sports 2 y TNT Sports HDon the following channels depending on your cable operator:

TNT Sports 2
VTR: 165 (SD)
DTV: 631 (SD)
ENTEL: 242 (SD)
CLEAR: 190 (SD)
YOU SEE: 504 (SD)

TNT Sports HD
VTR: 855 (HD)
DTV: 1631 (HD)
ENTEL: 243 (HD)
CLARO: 490 (HD)

Online: Where to watch La Serena vs Coquimbo Unido live streaming?

If you are looking for a link to watch the match online and live, you can do so by downloading the app TNT Stadium.

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