sporty and stylish special edition

Lada presented its new and elegant special edition ‘Travel Black’. This model could start production in February.

During the results conference with the Russian media, Lada He revealed his plans for this new year. Without a doubt, the most important news was the presentation of a new NivaTravel with surname ‘Black’.

Before talking about this new special edition it is important to mention the new Lada Niva Travel. It is a small SUV that was born in 2002 under the name of ‘Chevrolet Niva’, which created between Lada and GM an important industrial and commercial union in the largest nation in the world.

Although this small SUV sought to be a substitute for the classic Niva, it did not succeed, but a significant space in the Russian market. After several years and acquiring the assets of GM in Russia, the Lada Niva returned to the hands of its original owner.

Lada Niva Travel Black

Special edition: premium style

Now the new special edition Lada Niva Travel Black looks very sporty and elegant, 16-inch alloy wheels in gloss black, unpainted plastic wheel arches with matching nameplates.

In fact, there is a high probability that this sporty new special edition start your production at the end of February. Continuing with its characteristics, internally there is a fabric upholstery with rhombus design.

In addition, the backrests are decorated with the embroidered ‘Black’ denomination. In fact, the body color it can be any of the shades available in Russia.

Lada Niva Travel Black

Lada Niva Travel Black

At the moment it is not known mechanical specifications, but it was revealed that the exposed unit did not have a passenger airbag or multimedia system with digital screen. If so, it could be a Classic, Comfort or Comfort Off-road version.

Currently, the ‘Black Edition’ line is available in models as Vesta Cross, XRAY Y Legend of Niva. In fact, the first two received such special equipment that the steering wheels and windshieldThey had heating.

Regardless, the new Niva Travel is powered by a 1.7-litre four-cylinder petrol engine that generates a 83 hp power. The mechanical scheme is associated with a five-speed manual transmissionIt has all-wheel drive and a gearbox.

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