Spotify and Epic protest against Apple’s tax cut on the App Store

Neither Spotify nor Epic approve of the drop announced by Apple on the App Store for small and medium-sized developers. And both companies are making it known.

It was predictable: neither Epic nor Spotify applaud Apple’s decision to lower his commission for small developers, dropping it to 15% instead of 30% when they generate less than $ 1 million in annual revenue. For the two companies, in open conflict with the Cupertino company, this maneuver is only the demonstration that the tax imposed by Apple is unfair.

Apple and Epic denounce a maneuver

« There would be cause for celebration if Apple had not made the calculated decision to divide app makers and preserve its monopoly on stores and payments, thus once again breaking the promise to treat all developers on equal footing », Said Tim Sweeney on The Verge. The boss of Epic, the studio behind the successful video game Fortnite, had chosen to apply its own rules on the App Store, which had launched the legal dispute with Apple.

The charge is no different at the Swedish on-demand music giant. ” This latest move demonstrates once again that App Store policy is arbitrary and capricious. […] We hope that regulators ignore Apple’s fake attitude and act urgently to protect customer choice, ensure fair competition and create a level playing field. ».

It is the App Store which concentrates a good part of the criticisms of the coalition of applications. // Source: Pixabay

The two companies, but also Tinder, Meetic and Deezer, got together in early fall in an alliance against Apple’s practices (Coalition for App Fairness). Three complaints are made: the lack of freedom for mobile users, the strategies put in place by the consumer electronics giant to hamper competition and the 30% commission on the value of certain transactions using the in-app payment provided. by Apple.

Epic, for example, had tried to escape this levy by redirecting its customers to another payment system. Apple’s response had been brutal: the iOS version of the Fortnite game was banned from the App Store – more precisely, the game remains playable on devices that already have it, but it is no longer possible to put it. up to date. Since then, the two companies have been engaged in a pitched battle in court.

In Europe, however, Apple’s business practices are the subject of several investigations. In addition to the App Store, Apple Pay, Apple Music and Apple Books are scrutinized. ” Apple sets the rules for distributing apps to iPhone and iPad users Brussels reminded us. This is shown by this drop to 15%, which could also be seen as an attempt to coax Europe.

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