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The vaccine, also used in the revaccination against COVID-19, has run out in warehouses, when a new batch arrives is unknown. In addition to St. Petersburg, the problem with the shortage of “Sputnik Light” arose in other regions.

Photo: Roman Pimenov / TASS

The Sputnik Light vaccine has ended in St. Petersburg, the city health committee said in answers on complaints from citizens on VKontakte.

“The supply of the vaccine depends on the Ministry of Health, as it is it that distributes the vaccine to the regions. The Sputnik Light vaccine is not in stock today. There is no information on the timing of the delivery of the next batch of vaccine yet, ”the ministry said.

RBC turned to the press service of the St. Petersburg Healthcare Committee for a comment.

The head of the Gamaleya center named the optimal time for revaccination against COVID

Alexander Gunzburg

Sputnik Light is a simplified version of Sputnik V, which is one of two vaccine components. Head of the Center. Gamalei Alexander Gunzburg noted that immunity after the introduction of the light vaccine can persist for a shorter period. But if a person who was injected with a light vaccine nevertheless gets sick with a coronavirus, he will not have a severe form of the disease. At the same time, after the introduction of the light vaccine, the patient can still be supplied with the second component of Sputnik V, thereby prolonging the body’s defense.


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