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VTB decided to buy a stake in the Sputnik V vaccine manufacturer, the head of the Finstar investment company Oleg Boyko talks about post-capitalism, private investment and happiness, Switzerland and Spain in the Euro 2020 quarterfinals – in the RBC review

VTB will buy a stake in the manufacturer “Sputnik V” from AFK “Sistema”

AFK “Sistema” Vladimir Yevtushenkov plans to sell 11.2% of the parent company “Binnopharm Group” to the investment division of VTB, told RBC is a source close to one of the parties to the transaction. Binnopharm Group is one of the largest pharmaceutical holdings in the country, producing over 450 drugs, including the Sputnik V vaccine.

  • According to the interlocutor of RBC, the transaction amount is 7 billion rubles. If it takes place, the effective share of AFK Sistema will decrease from 86.5 to 75.3%, and VTB Bank will remain the financial partner of Sistema in managing the holding. A representative of Sistema confirmed the fact of negotiations with VTB Capital, adding that the deal could be closed in the near future. A representative of VTB said that Binnopharm Group and the pharmaceutical sector “are generally attractive investment assets.”

Finstar CEO Oleg Boyko – about dreams of a billion and the main rule of an investor

The main rule of an investor is to invest in what you understand, considers billionaire, head of the investment company Finstar Oleg Boyko. But instead of dreaming about the first billion, a businessman is better off focusing on finding the maximum “level of happiness” for himself.

  • In an interview with RBC, Oleg Boyko also said whether he believes in the success of ecosystems and whether it is possible to create a new business by appointing line employees to leading positions, as well as about what the world awaits after capitalism and why business must necessarily work for society and “have human face”.

Oleg Boyko – RBC: “To turn into the USSR again? No, don’t. ”

Oleg Boyko

Switzerland and Spain in the quarter-finals of Euro 2020

Spain national football team beat at the European Championship the Croatian national team. The meeting took place in Copenhagen at the Parken stadium and ended with a score of 5: 3.

  • In the quarterfinals, Spain will meet with the Swiss national team, which received victory over France in the 1/8 finals of Euro 2020. The match took place in Bucharest and ended with a series of penalties, as the main time of the match ended with a score of 3: 3. Spain and Switzerland will play in St. Petersburg on July 2.

What else happened:

  • The Central Bank’s idea to introduce new capital and disclosure requirements for banks building their own ecosystems is likely to lead to capital problems for such banks, considers First Deputy Chairman of the Board of Sber Lev Khasis. At the same time, according to him, Sberbank has enough money.
  • Capitalization of the social network Facebook made up more than $ 1 trillion after the growth in the value of the company’s shares at the end of trading on June 28. It took Mark Zuckerberg’s company nine years since the IPO.
  • Ministry of Education issued an order that provides for a temporary suspension from work for those employees of subordinate organizations who have refused vaccinations against COVID-19 in the absence of contraindications to vaccination. The order applies to regions whose authorities have introduced mandatory vaccination of certain groups of the population.
  • The simultaneous use of vaccines manufactured by AstraZeneca and Pfizer allows you to achieve more immunity to coronavirus than these drugs separately, scientists at Oxford University found. A study preprint was published in the medical journal Lancet.


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