Sputnik V vaccination will remain unchanged …

The Secretary of Access to Health of the Nation, Carla Vizzotti, confirmed that the Sputnik V vaccine will be given in a 21-day schedule between the first and second doses. Through her Twitter account, the official referred to the statements she made this week in a interview he gave to Página | 12 on the possibility of vaccinating more people before March and, once that immunization is achieved, applying the second dose.

“The Sputnik V vaccine is the only one whose vaccination schedule consists of two components, firstly, the Ad26 component, and after a minimum interval of 21 days, the second Ad5 component. Argentina plans to administer them according to this indication, “he said.

Being made of two different components, Sputnik V cannot be applied with another vaccination scheme. Different is the case of the other vaccines against coronavirus, which, despite also having two doses, the drug component is the same in both inoculations.

In relation to Sputnik V, Vizzotti further confirmed that in the coming days will arrive in the country “300 thousand doses of the second component, to complete the vaccination schemes started”. “Then, the delivery schedule will continue until 100% of the acquired doses are completed, of both components, as reported,” he said.

Pablo Ceriani, president of Aerolineas Argentinas, reported that This Thursday a plane of the flag airline will leave to bring the remaining doses. The flight, detailed Ceriani, will depart at 9:00 p.m., will last approximately 40 and will be manned by 20 people to avoid technical stops.

Two doses in 21 days or delayed

In dialogue with Page | 12, Vizzotti had pointed out that “the interdose intervals of the vaccines are at least 21 days, but if more time passes between one application and another it is not a relevant problem”, so “the most important health decision that we have to consider is whether we want to have 10 million people vaccinated in March with two doses or if we prefer to have 20 million people with only one.”

“In this context of a pandemic, it is very logical to think that more people can be vaccinated with the first dose and postpone the second for when the outbreak is already controlled,” the official told this medium. in reference to the other vaccines that Argentina is negotiating at the moment, as is the case of the preparations produced by Pfizer and BioNTech and by Sinopharm. The one developed by Oxford and AstraZeneca, whose active ingredient is manufactured in the country, is also in the pipeline.

These modifications in the vaccination schedule are also being considered in other countries. In the case of the United Kingdom -the place with the highest mortality on the European continent-, the government of Boris Johnson has decided to vaccinate as many of the population as possible with the first dose and that the distribution of the second could be extended by approximately 90 days. With that, they argue, they could provide immunity to a greater number of people.

From Pfizer and BioNTech they reported that they only have evidence that their drug is effective when the first and second doses are administered 21 days apart; while for Moderna, the correct period is 28. They are not responsible if the applications are made after the deadline.

He Instituto Gamaleya, creator of Sputnik V, is already preparing a “light version” of your vaccine that would be applied in a single dose and it would be 85 percent effective, allowing for faster immunization of the population.

The application of vaccines that, due to their composition, allow it with a different scheme than initially thought, is an alternative to immunize more people faster. “We analyzed in consensus with experts, experts and the 24 jurisdictions, the possible vaccination strategies to achieve the goal we yearn for: moving towards the beginning of the end of the pandemic and saving as many lives as possible,” Vizzotti also explained in tweets. that he published this Tuesday.

And he also remarked that “from the beginning, we analyze health actions to respond to the pandemic, we enter into negotiations with all producers to have safe and effective vaccines in sufficient quantity and in a timely manner.”


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