Spying on Americans, Trump put on TikTok

“TikTok was caught in the act while monitoring what is in your phone’s memory. Now sign a petition banning TikTok,” said paid messages on Facebook and Instagram. This text, which is repeated across all versions of the ad, is accompanied by various images and the slogans “TikTok is spying on you” or “China is spying on you.”

Independent reporter Judd Legum stated on Twitter that he blocked one variant of Facebook for an unspecified violation of the advertising rules. According to Bloomberg’s ads, Trump’s staff targets primarily voters under the age of 65, with messages apparently appearing mainly for users in states like Texas and Florida, where close fighting awaits between Trump and his Democratic rival Joe Biden.

Americký president Donald Trump

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The new advertising campaign comes at a time when TikTok came under the search of the US government and some lawmakers. US Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo told reporters this month that he would only recommend the use of the application to those who “want to provide their private information to the Chinese Communist Party.” President Trump said the ban on an application owned by Chinese company ByteDance could be a good retaliation for China’s action in connection with the covidu-19 pandemic.

The BBC news website notes that data security by TikTok is not only in question in the USA. At the turn of June and July, it, along with dozens of other Chinese applications, was banned by India, explaining the measures for security reasons. In a letter to the Indian government, TikTok stated that the Chinese authorities had never requested Indian user data from the platform and that the company would not comply with any such requests.

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