Ssangyong E&C wins an order of 51.2 billion won for Anyang Samdeok Jinju Apartment Street Housing Maintenance Project

[서울=뉴스핌] Reporter Myung-Hwan Myung-Hwan = Ssangyong E&C announced on the 29th that it had won an order for the street house maintenance project for Anyang Samdeok Jinju Apartment. The construction cost is 512 billion won.

Samdeok Jinju Apartment, located at 969-3 Hogye-dong, Anyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, was selected for the street house maintenance project by casting a vote in favor of Ssangyong E&C as the contractor of 88.5% (62 people) out of 70 union members (91 members in total).

[서울=뉴스핌] A bird’s eye view of the Samdeok Jinju Road housing maintenance project in Hogye-dong, Anyang. [이미지=쌍용건설] Reporter Myung-Hwan Myung = 2021.06.29 [email protected]

The Samdeok Jinju apartment will be transformed into a ‘The Platinum’ apartment with a total of 228 households in 2 buildings with 5 stories below the ground and 34 above. It is scheduled to be completed in November 2026 after approval of management disposition in August 2022 and construction start in October 2023. The number of general sale units excluding union members is 97.

An official from Ssangyong E&C said, “It is meaningful that we won the construction rights for projects located in the metropolitan and metropolitan areas within a month after receiving the first order in May.” “The Platinum’s first entry into Anyang and additional orders for small-scale maintenance projects in Seoul and the metropolitan area It also laid the foundation for the

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