Stabbed by a Lover with a Knife, Selebgram Ari Pratama Died with Blood

MAKASSAR – Celebrity Ari Pratama experienced an unlucky fate. He was found dead at an inn in Panakkukang District, Makassar City, South Sulawesi. His body was lying in the front room of the inn, on March 5, 2021, at around 05:15 WITA.

Head of Public Relations of the Makassar Panakukang Police, Bripka Ahmad Halim confirmed the identity of the celebrity. “Yes, true. He is a celebrity, ”said Halim to MNC Portal, Friday (5/3/2021).

Head of Criminal Investigation Unit at Panakkukang Police, Makassar, Iptu Iqbal said the victim died as a result of mistreatment. Based on the CCTV footage, the victim had asked the receptionist for help.

“The victim was persecuted in the guest house. The members then came to the TKP and took them to the Bhayangkara Hospital, ”said Iqbal.

According to Iqbal, the perpetrator of the persecution and murder of Ari Pratama was a woman who was believed to be his female friend. The victim, according to him, was killed with a knife.

“The US perpetrator used a knife to stab the victim so that the victim bled a lot,” added Iqbal.

Currently, the police are still waiting for the results of the investigation by the South Sulawesi Police forensic team Biddokkes regarding the Ari Pratama program. ***


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