Stadler Rail signs Switzerland’s biggest rail contract after appeal rejected –

The railway manufacturer Stadler Rail finally signed the largest contract in Swiss railway history on Tuesday. The Federal Administrative Court rejected an appeal from France’s Alstom, which challenged the award of this contract covering a total of more than 500 trains.

This framework contract with CFF and its subsidiaries Regionalps (Valais) and Thurbo (Eastern Switzerland) initially provides for the delivery of 286 FLIRT-type trainsets for an amount of approximately two billion francs. Stadler Rail had won the contract in October 2021, but Alstom’s appeal had postponed the signing.

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The Federal Administrative Court rejected the appeal last Wednesday. Stadler was thus able to finalize the signing of the contracts on Tuesday, the company said in a statement. Alstom had already done so with an order from the Austrian railway company ÖBB.

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Late delivery

Due to the appeal, the first trains will only be delivered in 2026, and not in December 2025 as initially planned. Deliveries of the 286 trains will be staggered until 2034. The contract also includes an option for 244 additional FLIRT trains.

At SBB, the new vehicles will replace first-generation Domino and FLIRT trainsets as well as locomotive-hauled shuttle trains. At Thurbo, they will take the place of articulated railcars. At the RegionAlps, they will succeed the Domino and NINA trains.

These new-generation trains will have more space for bicycles, pushchairs and bulky luggage. They will offer a good internet connection and electrical outlets in all places. In addition, each train will be equipped with several places for wheelchairs, with compatible toilets.


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