Staff at Korian retirement homes went on strike Monday

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The staff of several dozen Ehpad Korian workers went on strike today to demand a bonus and salary increases. According to Isabelle Jallais, central FO union delegate, some 80 establishments for the elderly, out of the 308 that the group has in France, have experienced “strikes, rallies and walkouts lasting a few hours” According to management “around 170 employees from 17 establishmentsWere concerned by the midday strike, mostly in retirement homes.

On the initiative of the CGT, FO and SUD unions, the employees were called to actions to demand in particular the payment of a bonus of 1000 euros, promised by management at the end of April, “regardless of area or category, in a context where the sector has been on the front line against coronavirusAdded Isabelle Jallais.

The Korian inter-union also claims “a retirement allowance of 100 euros in the private sector, real conventional salary increases of 300 euros net per month», An increase in overtime hours and recognition of the Covid-19 as an occupational disease for all. “We refuse the division and the opposition between the private and the public or according to the place of exercise and the working time“Write the Korian unions.

A maximum bonus of 1500 euros

During the day, the management of Korian France announced that the group would “pay 100% of the teams a one-off bonus of 1,500 euros for all staff in nursing homes and clinics“, According to its CEO Nadège Plou. This premium will be paid without “the green / red distinction announced by the governmentDuring the first week of July to 24,000 employees in France, she detailed.

During the annual negotiations, we will make commitments on the evolution of remuneration, employment and professional developments as every year“And Korian opened the site on health and safety at work, that of the renewal of the agreement on the quality of life at work, that on disability …, said Nadège Plou again.

This action coincided with the launch today of “Ségur de la santé”, a vast concertation launched by the government, during which the question of caregiver remuneration will be addressed. The “recognition“To caregivers,”it is huge in our country, and it will translate, as the president said, into remuneration. On this point, I say without ambiguity, the revaluation will be significant“, Assured Edouard Philippe during a speech of launching of”Health Safety



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