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2023-06-02 07:48:18

Edward Chan, one of the judges for the first round of ViuTV’s “All People Making Stars V”, “turned off the lights” in an episode last night (1st) and sent No. 38 Wang Tianyu, who was supposed to be in the top 60, into the resurrection zone. Tianyu was very dissatisfied after the incident. When he returned backstage, he was deeply upset. He denied that there was a problem with spelling, and threatened that “Mandarin and Mandarin are my mother tongue. I must speak Mandarin more than he speaks vernacular.” “Maybe my singing is not what you want. , You think it’s ugly, but it’s not easy to throw a person into the resurrection zone because of unclear words, and I think I ask myself if my strength is not worse than some players in the top 60.” Tian Yu’s attitude caused dissatisfaction among the audience, and online discussion forums pointed out that he has a bad attitude, self-righteous, disrespectful, and loves to make excuses to cover up.

Tianyu posted a record of the conversation with Edward Chan in the telegram group, expressing to the other party “I regret it”, “I want to talk to you now, sorry”, etc., and the other party replied “Take it easy”. However, the screenshot of his public conversation records accidentally leaked Edward Chan’s studio address. Some netizens questioned that Tianyu was acting as a show, and disclosed the content of the conversation without Edward Chan’s consent. Tianyu finally deleted the picture in the telegram group. Tianyu also posted an apology on the social platform early this morning. He said: “I’m sorry, I was an out-and-out bad person, and I will use the remaining time to start again.”

In fact, as early as “Star Making V” announced the top 94 list, Tianyu has been exposed in the discussion area, and the video released in July 2021 refers to a man wearing blue Japanese restaurant overalls and suspected of Tianyu constantly walking on the streets of Mong Kok. He provoked another street performer with swear words, and even threatened to “stop singing and hitting you”.

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