Star Wars: Squadrons, 120 fps available on Xbox Series X and S (but not on PS5) thanks to update 3.0

Chose promise, chose due. Star Wars: Squadrons is now playable in 120 fps on Xbox Series X and S following a patch rolled out this week. Players can choose between a mode Quality prioritizing the resolution in 4K and a Performance can now expect 120 frames per second. On PS5, there will not be this option to increase the framerate, because for the record, 120 fps is only possible on full ports, and not via an update of the backward compatible version … But the developers have still brought “improvements in visual quality and lighting” on this console, as on Xbox Series X and S.

This novelty for the last Xbox otherwise accompanies a more robust update 3.0, with fixes and the additional content promised by Motive, before another wave scheduled for December. Among other things, you will be able to take advantage of the unique menu Port Fostar and customization elements additional.


  • Added Port Fostar map for Air Combat and Fleet Battles (Solo / Co-op vs. AI and PvP)
  • Next-gen improvements
    • The game is now compatible up to 120 FPS and up to 4K on Xbox Series X | S
      • Added option to prioritize visual or performance enhancement for Xbox Series X | S gamers
    • Improved visual quality and lighting on PS5
    • Added support for variable frames per second for compatible TVs and monitors
  • Fixed an issue where the game would crash while changing gear
  • Improved support for matchmaking between players with very different load times
    • Players who have not completed loading at the start of the fight will now have an additional time to join the current fight rather than having it expire
  • Adjusted the brightness of light sources on PC to be less bright in some cases
  • Fixed an issue where the sky color in Esseles would change when entering / leaving the station
  • Fixed an issue where the Text-to-Speech option in menus would no longer work after entering a lounge
  • Addressed an issue where Steam players would fail to sign in if their nickname included certain Unicode characters or emoticons.
  • Various stability improvements and minor bug fixes.


  • HOTAS compatibility now supports devices with up to 128 keys (formerly 40 for each device).
  • Resolved an issue on Xbox One where HOTAS controls were disabled if the controller went to sleep
  • HOTAS devices without X and Y axis, like the Virpil controller, are now correctly recognized by the game.
  • Addressed an issue on PC where a controller could become unresponsive if it was not configured as a primary controller when other devices were connected.

Cosmetic personalization

  • Added two new fighter paints: Typhoon Squadron for the New Republic and Interstellar for the Empire (inspired by Kenner Products toys)
  • Added TIE Hunter Vandal paint, inspired by Sabine Wren’s iconic “work”.
  • Added the Powerful Ally appearance for X-wing based on Luke Skywalker’s Stranded X-wing on Dagobah.
  • Added Zeltron Pilot face (Empire)
  • Added Pantoran Pilot face (Empire)
  • Added the Adventure set (jacket, pants, gloves) for the New Republic
  • Added the Paladin set (flight suit, gloves, helmet) for the Empire
  • Added the Navigator set (flight suit, gloves, helmet) for the Empire
  • Marauder’s Gloves will no longer cause player hands to disappear.

Air combat

  • Fixed an issue where Hunters were not appearing at the end of round transition screen.

Fleet battles

  • Reduced Morale gain from 4 to 3 for defending AI kills
  • Morale gains and losses are no longer based on the number of players on the team
  • Fixed an issue where battle music would play for a long time in end-of-round screens after the battle is over
  • Corvettes and Raiders now spawn randomly on the battlefield rather than on a set pattern.
  • Fixed an issue where the Nebulon-B could display the wrong amount of shield power relative to its Objective UI.


  • Clarified the warning message for Xbox players trying to join a full party
  • Fixed an issue where the Social Media menu would lose functionality after leaving a PvP fight as a spectator
  • Fixed an issue where muting multiple players at once could also mute other players incorrectly
  • Fixed an issue where as a spectator of a first person fight, laser sounds were not reproducing
  • Fixed an issue where UI and menu items could overlap.

Hunters and components

  • Added four new components:
    • Boost extension kit added to X-wing, Y-wing, TIE fighter and TIE bomber
    • Prototype armor-piercing torpedoes added to X-wing, Y-wing, TIE fighter and TIE bomber
    • Ionic rockets added to X-wing, A-wing, TIE fighter and TIE interceptor
    • Antimatter rocket turret added to U-wing and TIE Reaper
  • Reduced maneuverability (turn speed) by 60% when firing with the Rotary Cannon and Auto-Aim Rotary Cannon.
    • Does not apply to the loading step before firing
  • Using the Assault Shield component now reduces maneuverability to enhance its role as a tool for attacking a flagship or defending against a hunter rather than a multi-use component.
  • Fixed an issue where the number of Proton Bombs was incorrectly displayed after use
  • Hunters using the Overloaded Shield will start with fully overloaded shields
  • Fixed an issue where ships of the wrong faction could spawn in the Hangar
  • Increased audio volume for player’s Tractor Beam
  • Guided Blast Cannon damage reduced to 28% from its unguided version (35% previously)
  • Fixed an issue where the Vanguard paint for the A-wing in the Cockpit could display a New Republic sticker
  • Removed incorrectly assigned auto aim symbol from composite beam icon
  • The different types of torpedoes now have specific names when targeted (proton / ionic / armor-piercing)
  • Fixed an issue where the Unstable Engine could not deal damage to nearby targets.


  • Fixed a black screen issue for the player after redeploying from the hangar in Mission 13
  • Fixed an issue where Zerelda voice acting could launch on the loading screen before Mission 1, causing the animation to get out of sync
  • Fixed an issue where the Corvette could pass through the station in Mission 6
  • Addressed an issue where the player could not complete the ‘Destroy Communications System’ objective if they died during the regroup phase with Gunny in Mission 6.


  • Your current skill level is now displayed as a value instead of a percentage of level progress after playing a Ranked Fleet Battle.
  • The low priority matchmaking queuing UI message is clearer, including how to exit this status: by playing more fights
  • In-room abandonment messaging UI is clearer
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in teammate icons not turning green when ready
  • Fixed an issue where the menu display would not appear on the Redeploy screen. UI support for long names to display correctly
  • Resolved an issue where the player could not open the menu during a fight if the fight started while in a customization menu
  • Fixed an issue where the Missile Lock UI would remain on screen right after switching targets.
  • Fixed an issue where the text read “Examine Your Squadron” instead of “Examine Enemy Squadron” in Squadron Gear when hovering over “Add Friend”
  • Addressed an issue where the Ship Marker UI could appear during end cutscenes in Fleet vs. AI Battles
  • Fixed a typo in the description of the Mythosaurus sticker
  • Fixed an issue where the Daily Challenge countdown would restart in reverse after reaching 0:00
  • Fixed an issue where holding the key rather than pressing it would not open scores during the post-fight streak
  • Fixed an issue where Hunters could be grayed out if the player quickly switched between them.


  • Skyboxes now have better resolution for high-resolution VR headsets
  • Added VR resolution scale setting option for PC gamers
    • Gamers using high-resolution headsets (like the Valve Index) should be able to enjoy a higher frame rate without the need for the more powerful GPUs
  • Added a forward rendering option for PC users, potentially improving their performance in VR
  • Now the game uses less intense forward shading for “low” lighting quality in graphics settings to use VR on midrange or lower PCs
  • Addressed an issue that resulted in black bars appearing when exiting PvP combat if the player died at the same time.

Star Wars: Squadrons is available from € 38.70 on

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