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When it was released on October 2, Star Wars: Squadrons was able to convince the press and players by offering an effective title, with several possible grips. However, the developers had reacted to criticism of the lack of content by indicating that nothing was planned to support the title over time.

Today, the EA Motive team goes back a little on his words and announces what two small free extensions will arrive by the end of the year. On the program, we find a new map, new ships, and several components for them. November 25 next, the developers will upload update 3.0, which will bring several fixes as well as the Port Fostar map. This new map, players have already seen it, since it is played during the prologue. However, she will be slightly modified since it will be found four years later, and will be playable in Air Combat and Fleet Battle modes. At his side, we will find four new elements for ships :

  • A Boost Expansion Kit for Hunters and Bombers
  • Ion missiles for Interceptors and Hunters
  • Perforating Torpedoes (Prototype) for Bombers and Hunters
  • An anti-matter missile turret

Since the game’s launch, it has been an incredible joy to watch players from all over the world climb into the cockpits of their favorite starfighters, dive into fleet battles, build their own squadrons with the whole community, and simply share the experience. love of Star Wars-style space combat, which has fueled this project since its inception. Your enthusiastic support for Squadrons has allowed us to develop further (…) and I couldn’t be more delighted. I am particularly excited about the Custom Matches feature because it will allow you, (…) to take more ownership of the game and create your own long-term experiences. Thanks for trusting us, thanks for joining the Squadrons community, and thanks for helping us make the game even better with all of your feedback, says Ian Frazier, Creative Director.

Star Wars: Squadrons will finally be entitled to new content

In December, update 4.0 will allow players to discover two new ships with their own abilities. On the Empire side, we will find the TIE Defender fighter, while on the side of the New Republic will be entitled to a B-Wing, with an additional Episode VI skin. Finally, EA announces that update 4.0 will finally allow players to create custom games. They will be able to choose the number of players, and apply various modifiers related to damage, health points and shield. All the characteristics of the new ships can be found on the official game page.

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