Stars hit theaters with Ben Affleck and Kristin Scott Thomas

The cinemas breathe and smile figuratively after the air of bonanza that Santiago Segura and his ‘Father there is only one 2’ brought last weekend, a film that continues to make more than half of the total box office and that can be spent well much of the summer. And that it has managed to get the public to finally return significantly to theaters.

Segura’s comedy also opens the premiere streak with a firm step and recognizable faces that, now, seems to be maintained and will increase in the coming weeks, endowing the card with those attractive titles for wide public that it needs so much. And with stars with magnetic capacity. This week it’s Ben Affleck on ‘The Way Back’ and Kristin Scott Thomas on ‘Let the Music Play!’ recognizable faces, in addition to Al Pacion in replacement.

‘The way back’

Example of improvement in sport

‘The Way Back’. Ben Affleck is a basketball coach in the new movie by Gavin O’Connor, the director of ‘Warrior’ and ‘The Accountant’. In the latter, the actor and the director have already worked together. Now Affleck plays a former basketball star, disgraced by a matter of addictions that he tries to overcome with a humble task but that can give him a new glory: training a rather peculiar group of students. Self-destruction or self-improvement is the dilemma that pushes a film that returns Hollywood cinema with a humanistic vocation to the billboards.

‘Papicha, dreams of liberation’

The difficult life of a woman in Algeria

Papicha, dreams of freedom. It is one of the films that was left at the very doors of the premiere on the Friday in which the confinement was conceived. And it had good commercial pretensions that it can now recover, because it is backed by the good reception it had last year at the Cannes Festival and by the public award it won both at the Seminci in Valladolid and in Santiago de Compostela. ‘Papicha’ is an Algerian word to designate a young woman, fun and liberal, and of several girls with that spirit, in the complicated political-social climate of Algeria in the 90s, it treats a positive and supportive film, the debut of Mounia Meddour.

‘Lets the music sound!’

The healing power of the melody

‘Lets the music sound!’. Women who want to transform their lives also fuel this gentle drama with music and smiles, those of wives trying to overcome their fear of danger from their military husbands in Afghanistan with their work in a choir. Kristin Scott Thomas and Sharon Horgan are the protagonists and the director is the one of ‘Full Monty’, Peter Cattaneo.

‘The price of power’. The splendid, poignant and absorbing black and maddened thriller directed by Brian de Palma in 1983, with a screenplay by Oliver Stone, is one of the pinnacles of narco cinema, with Al Pacino in all its glory. And it returns to the big screen, as it should be.


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