start of the Covid-19 vaccination campaign

HEALTH / The first 4,875 doses of the vaccine arrived this Tuesday evening at CHICAS in Gap, the campaign will begin this Thursday in Jausiers

The start of the vaccination campaign against Covid-19 in the Hautes-Alpes. Expected for some, feared by others, this first phase of vaccination started this Wednesday in the CHICAS of Gap where 4,875 doses were delivered this Tuesday evening. A symbolic day for the department which has experienced 144 deaths since the start of the epidemic.

Lucien, the first vaccinated Hautes-Alpes

His name is Lucien. He is 96 years old and this native of Marseille became this Wednesday the first to be vaccinated with Covid-19 in the Hautes-Alpes. Of the 30 residents of the EHPAD Muret at the Gap Hospital Center, which is one of the three pilot sites defined by ARS PACA, he is one of the 28 who volunteered. With this gesture, this adopted Haut-Alpin hopes to reassure fears and allay people’s skepticism.

“It gives me the impression that I’m going to do a lot of service and help people”, Lucien

Like the Muret EHPAD, its Long-Term Care Unit (USLD) has a strong adherence to vaccination with 25 volunteers out of 30 patients knowing that four have recently contracted the disease. Membership which will prove necessary for the success of this first phase of vaccination which will rapidly extend to the 21 nursing homes in the department. “It’s a matter of days so that all residents of our EHPADs who so wish can be vaccinated”, says Martine Clavel, prefect of Hautes-Alpes.

Vaccination centers for health professionals

The second priority target of this vaccine launch against Covid-19 are all health professionals over the age of 50 or with co-morbidities. Residual doses of vaccine, because there are five possible injections per vial, could also go to other non-priority professionals. To do this, significant logistics must be put in place to supply the vaccination centers of the department because the vaccines must be stored in a super-freezer at -80 ° C. A great freezer that can only be found at CHICAS de Gap. « Doses should not be lost or wasted, nor should the logistics circuit be erratic. It is a very big job, first of all of our hospital pharmacists in order to guarantee the safety of the conservation of the doses. Then, the orders that are placed can deliver the right number and of course not be wrong. Then, there will be logistics shuttles that will leave for the north and south of the territory. Everything is organized and monitored very closely ”, explains its director, Yann Le Bras. From this Thursday, the CHICAS vaccination center in Gap is operational but it will quickly be supported by a site in Briançon, Embrun but also Sisteron which is part of the Groupement Hospitalier de Territoire Alpes du Sud.

Note that the department will be delivered weekly with vaccines as needed with a second phase of the campaign in focus which will first concern people over 75 and over 65.

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