Start of the explorations: three hours with the mayor

On Monday at 4 p.m., the haggling over the next city government begins in the Vienna City Hall: The Viennese Neos are the first to be invited to SPÖ boss Michael Ludwig. We hear that three hours are set for the first sniff. And so that everyone knows immediately what the power balance is like in the city, Ludwig did not order the Neos delegation into a conference room – but into his large mayor’s office.

It is undisputed that he will sit there after all negotiations have been concluded. It is unclear who will be Ludwig’s little partner in the future.


From the perspective of the SPÖ, there are overlaps with all parties. The biggest ones with the Greens, with whom one is essentially in line on core issues such as health, education and social issues.

That in itself outweighs the disproportionately large din of conflicts around traffic issues. In the case of traffic, too, it is less about content-related differences than more about questions of style, which mean that many Reds no longer want to form coalitions with the Greens. They bump into the frivolous, unaccorded rushing ahead of Vice Mayor Birgit Hebein.

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