Start today! Singapore resumes strict measures Eat food in the restaurant for 2 people per table. Must be vaccinated.

Singapore Ministry of Health Covid-19 case reports Accumulated in the country at least 87,893 people, at least 74 cumulative deaths, total 74,652 recovered, at least 13,162 people are in the system.

In 24 hours, two deaths have been confirmed, 517 more recoveries and 1,939 more infections, the highest daily record since the face of the coronavirus pandemic. at the beginning of last year The new group of patients is divided into 5 foreign travelers and 1,934 domestic infections.

The situation of deaths and COVID-19 cases per day is still on an upward trend. Singapore government Announcement to raise social control measures Effective for at least 1 month from 27 Sept. 21 to 24 Oct. 21

– Work from home as much as possible

-Dine in the restaurant A maximum of 2 people are allowed at the table, both of whom must be fully vaccinated.

– No more than 2 people gathering in public places.

– Elementary school students study online. Starting today until 7 Oct.

– Ask for cooperation for the elderly to stay at home as much as possible. whether vaccinated or not

-From October 4, 21, Singapore will start a third dose of vaccination for people aged 50-59 who have received two doses for more than six months.

– 82% of Singapore’s population is fully vaccinated.



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