Started a collaboration event with “Dead by Daylight” in the swashbuckler action “For Honor”. Trapper swings meat knives with violent movement –AUTOMATON

Ubisoft Co., Ltd. announced on October 21 that it will start a collaboration Halloween event with “Dead by Daylight” in the swordplay action game “For Honor”. At the event “Survival of Fog” commemorating Halloween, trappers will participate in “For Honor” from “Dead by Daylight”, and a 4v4 player battle mode will be held in which they collide with heroes.

“Dead by Daylight” is an asymmetric multiplayer horror game in which the player is divided into one murderer and four survivors trying to escape, and plays a fierce tag on various maps. Trapper, one of the murderers, sets a trap on the map with a leg-hold trap, making it difficult for survivors to move easily. It features a mask with an eerie smile and a large meat knife dyed red.

At the event held at “For Honor” this time, a new game mode will be playable in the eerie atmosphere of “Dead by Daylight”. This mode is a 4v4 player battle, where trappers roam the map to capture heroes as a powerful AI instead of their minions. You can see familiar generators and meat hooks on the map.

During the event, you can play the same mode using the Free Event Pass and get rewards for new costumes, effects, ornaments and more. In addition, limited-time executions, honorary costumes, and special moves with the theme of “Dead by Daylight” are also available.

For Honor will also host an Amazon Prime Gaming campaign at the same time. This is until November 29th, and Amazon Prime and Prime Video members will get a bonus pack. This bonus pack includes 7-day champion status, 2 scavenger crates, and 3 Battle Pass tiers.

The limited-time event “Cyber ​​of Fog” will be held today from October 21st to November 11th. Don’t miss the trapper who shows a different and violent movement than in “Dead by Daylight”.

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