Startled Girl: «I’m more badass than sweet»

«I want to have the fridge full and pay the rent, with the music giving me enough for that, I am satisfied. And if not, at least I will be calm because I have tried ». Although the Navarrese Maialen Gurbindo does not have big dreams, she does have things clear. «Whatever happens, no one will take the guitar from me; I will be able to continue playing », says the artist known as Startled Girl. After gaining a foothold in the music scene thanks to her time at the latest edition of ‘Operación Triunfo’, the young woman stops this Saturday at Sala BBK perform for the first time in Bilbao. Tickets flew by in just a few hours.

He finished his new album a few days ago. It’s already mastered and the release date will be announced in the coming weeks. He recorded it in Barcelona with Santos and Fluren (productores de Love of Lesbian, Sidonie, Supersubmarina…) and two of the topics that will be part of it are already known. Are ‘Core Fusion’ and ‘Adrenaline’, which has the collaboration of Zahara. «When I wrote it a few years ago in my room I imagined it being sung by her. Of course, I never got to think that the dream would end up being fulfilled, “he confesses. But life takes many turns. Sabina’s niece was his teacher in ‘OT’ and she was delighted to agree.

He has been composing since adolescence and from time to time he enjoys going back to those first texts. «I am very amused. I like the Maialen from that time. I want to give him hugs, “he laughs. His lyrics have matured, “thank goodness!”, But he continues to write “intuitively”. In their songs they stand out scientific language and terminology related to psychology, a career that he has studied at UNED. Remote exams freak him out, but he loves learning about the neural connections in our brains. In fact, he emphasizes the importance of going to therapy: “Fortunately, it is a subject less and less taboo, but it is evident that, with all this that is happening, we are not well.”

Before his time at ‘OT’ he had already released an album. He toured the halls of the area to give concerts with the band he continues to work with today and worked with the intention of break the crystal cealing” which, in his opinion, puts a brake on musicians who do not have a consolidated career. “Since nobody knows you, they don’t invite you to festivals, and since you don’t go to festivals, nobody still knows you,” he laments. Therefore, he did not hesitate to join the program in search of support from the industry. «I saw that in this last edition they were going to give more weight to the composition and I did not hesitate». He stayed at the gates of the final and stood out for sing for the first time in Basque in the program. It was with ‘Ilargia’ from the Ken Zazpi group and in the company of Anne Lukin, also from Navarra. “We feel a very great responsibility.” Furthermore, although he composes in Spanish more easily, he has “very pending” to launch a song in the Basque language.


She vindicates herself as a woman with character. «I am more badass than sweet, but I know that I have a little voice that does not accompany me. At least I like to play with both my versions, ”he smiles. In fact, he does not hesitate to raise his voice in defense of animals. He promotes adoption over buying pets and often talks about his greyhound Murphy, who appears in his video clips.

Sobresalto Girl promises that this Saturday will be a “very special” concert. It will be acoustic and with the only company Leire Celestino, with whom he has been playing this past summer. «It was difficult to square a tour, but we have not been discouraged. That a concert fell? Well, we were looking for another date. We have focused more on the solution than the problem», He remarks. The live will feature some new songs and others that are part of his first work. «It was much more modest; we were just girls playing. But i think it is just as you really have to start with music, enjoying it like a game ».


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