State announces 4 major free vaccines, including Johnson & Johnson

Government announces 4 free mainstream vaccines Astra – Sinovac – Johnson & Johnson – Pfizer, ready to answer questions when will it arrive? Who will be injected first?

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19 July 2021 Fanpage Thai Khu Fa has disclosed the procurement plancovid 19 vaccine The main vaccines (free injections) are listed as AstraZeneca, Sinovac, Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson, while the paid vaccine alternatives are Sinofarm and Moderna.
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While Dr. Thaweesup Sirapraphasiri, MD. Songkhunwut, Department of Disease Control, revealed that at the moment Thailand has 3 main vaccine brands that the government has allocated to the public for free injections, namely AstraZeneca vaccine. Sinovac vaccine and the Pfizer vaccine. The other two brands that the Ministry of Health are negotiating are the Johnson & Johnson vaccine and the Sputnik vaccine. Because the manufacturer has a problem in the production of vaccines from the factory.

Dr Taweesap added that For the 20 million doses of the Pfizer vaccine the Ministry of Health has ordered. Expected to be imported into Thailand in the fourth quarter or after October onwards. The first group to receive injections is people in the risk group of 7 diseases, children, the elderly and medical personnel. After that, the general public and groups that will be vaccinated to drive the economy will be considered.

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