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The Berlin Left is likely to compete in 2021 with a country list.

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Compared to the past, the composition of the left faction in the House of Representatives has changed a lot. Because with the advancement of Franziska Leschewitz for Harald Wolf, who moved to Hamburg, the left has also had a member of parliament from Spandau in the state parliament since the beginning of February. The western districts, which in the past sometimes felt marginalized, have played a larger role in the left since the 2016 election – also in the parliamentary group. Nevertheless, some western district associations continue to advocate that the left will run for the 2021 House of Representatives election with district lists. Just like the SPD does.

The argument of district list supporters: “This is more democratic.” That is how Alexander King, the district chairman of Tempelhof-Schöneberg, explains it. The supporters of the state lists, on the other hand, emphasize that such an election would not result in a randomly mixed faction, but in a politically coordinated team in parliament.

In order to defuse this intra-party controversy about the list, the board of the Left Party submitted a compromise on Wednesday evening, which will be tabled as an application at the upcoming state party convention. “We always had the goal of all districts being represented in the parliamentary group,” says Katina Schubert to “nd”. The state chairwoman admits that this was not always the case. That is why the party is trying to make this “operationalizable”. Schubert: »It is a matter of a compromise in order to include those who prefer district lists.«

The decision stipulates that each district may make a “binding” proposal for one of the first 24 list places. That means: Each district may nominate a candidate, whether the person will ultimately be elected in the list, but is then a matter for the state representatives’ assembly, which selects the state list.

The top politicians of the left are usually set for such lists. Vice-President Klaus Lederer, for example, who leads the left in the red-red-green senate. “Of course Klaus Lederer is seen as the one who is also treated as a top candidate,” says Schubert. Identifying such a top candidate is only possible via a list of countries, it is said. Lederer himself did not want to comment on the list on Thursday – the cultural senator is on vacation. In a letter to the board, however, he had warned in advance that the proposal would pose “significant new problems”. Lederer: “But that is the opposite of a conscious political personnel decision at the state assembly.” The state board nevertheless decided on the compromise.

In addition to Lederer, the other members of the Senate, Elke Breitenbach and Katrin Lompscher, are naturally also appointed, as are the new chairmen of the parliamentary group, Anne Helm and Carsten Schatz. The state chair herself is also likely to have one of the top list positions. Together with the district proposals, it appears that the list should then already be properly filled. “The country list is the sensible tool to set up a powerful faction that is present throughout the city,” says Katina Schubert.

In Tempelhof-Schöneberg the left there are also happy about their two members of the House of Representatives. Nevertheless, there is a reserved reaction to the new compromise. “It is a small step, but it is not enough,” said District Chairman King. A large majority in the district would continue to support district lists. However, one is glad that one can now “bindingly” agree on a proposal that the state board then proposes for the state list, according to King. Representatives with their own offices are very important for building the party in the West.



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