State-of-the-art Industrial Engineers Get U.S. Permanent Residency with NIW

The National Interest Waiver (NIW) is a system that allows applicants who serve the national interest of the United States to obtain permanent residency through self-assessment. The NIW is a type of employment immigration second priority (EB-2), and basic qualifications are given to those who have worked in the field for more than 5 years after obtaining a master’s or bachelor’s degree. For this reason, the NIW is already in the spotlight as a very attractive way to acquire permanent residence for engineers, researchers, doctors, and professionals and businessmen in the financial field.

In particular, due to the Special Act on Semiconductors (Special Act on National Core Strategic Industries) to be implemented from the second half of 2022, engineers working in such cutting-edge industries are increasingly interested in NIW.

Previously, manpower with master’s and doctoral degrees in science and engineering with distinct research results through thesis and patents were considered advantageous positions for the NIW, but in the case of engineers in the cutting-edge industry, if they have outstanding performance in the field without a thesis or patent, they acquire permanent residency through the NIW There are often instances of The importance of semiconductor, memory and battery industries is growing worldwide, and there are many domestic companies leading the global market in this technology field. If these companies have played an important role in developing key technologies and bringing products to market with impact, the chances of NIW approval are very high.

The most important point for an engineer’s NIW approval is to convince the examiner by logically explaining the applicant’s work performance, achievements, and future plans in accordance with the purpose and purpose of the NIW. The problem is that unlike the master’s and doctoral research personnel who can prove their research performance with thesis and patent, in the case of engineers belonging to a company, the preparation of documents, such as selection of appropriate evidence to prove the work performance and achievement, is not standardized, so the lawyer who prepares it Depending on your capabilities, you can get quite different results.

DOEUL CEO Kim Jae-hak said, “It is very important for NIW to accurately understand their case and devise an approval strategy through careful analysis. When selecting an advisor, it is necessary to carefully examine whether the advisor correctly understands the applicant’s work and whether there are many experiences in dealing with similar cases.”

In addition, Representative Kim said, “Due to the prolonged corona crisis, the administration of the US immigration office is being delayed in general, but unlike in the past Trump administration, RFE (Request for Evidence) of an unreasonable nature has decreased. Positive changes are also being felt.”

DOEUL, located in Hannam-dong, Yongsan-gu, is a professional NIW/EB-1A advisor, and has achieved success in NIW/EB-1A approval for various occupations every year. The approval cases of engineers who are uploaded to Naver Cafe Mi Junmo, a large community related to immigration to the United States, prove this.

In addition, DOEUL presents a strategy tailored to each individual based on a more accurate understanding of the client’s work. The fact that lawyers directly communicate with clients and prepare documents is also the reason why they have a much higher approval rate than other advisory firms.

Attorney Jae-Hak Kim, the head of DOEUL, graduated from Harvard University and received a Juris Doctor after attending Columbia Law School in New York. Since then, he has been working at top law firms such as Kim & Chang and Simpson Thatcher & Bartlett. Currently, based on his long experience at large law firms, he is actively advising at DOEUL to obtain permanent residency for excellent domestic and foreign talents.

DOEUL always provides NIW eligibility determination and consultation free of charge. If you want counseling and eligibility determination, you can apply through DOEUL’s representative email.

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