State security searches Attila Hildmann’s apartment

SOn Tuesday, state guards of the Brandenburg police searched the apartment of the vegan chef Attila Hildmann in Brandenburg, who calls himself “ultra-right” and a conspiracy preacher. The search was ordered by the district court of Bernau (Barnim) for the purpose of hazard prevention at the request of the Cottbus public prosecutor, confirmed the spokesman for the police headquarters, Torsten Herbst, on Tuesday on request.

Hildmann confirmed the police operation in his news channel on Telegram. According to the police spokesman Herbst, several investigations are underway against Hildmann at the Cottbus public prosecutor, including suspicions of sedition.

The eight officers from the State Office of Criminal Investigation and the Police Directorate East had seized six laptops and computers, several cell phones and other storage media, said Herbst. “The goal was to make it more difficult to commit further crimes on the Internet,” reported Herbst.

In addition, the officials had made a threat speech. It should signal that the police are interested in the person concerned. By confronting the person with the information collected and being informed about possible legal consequences, ideally the behavior of the person concerned should be influenced. Offers of help are also made in this context.


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